Homemade DIY hair masks for healthy hair

Homemade DIY hair masks for healthy hair

Ladies here, hear me out! Sometimes an ideal hair mask for strengthening and conditioning your hair isn’t found on the shelves of your favourite supermarket, instead they can be created and whipped right in your kitchen, yes! You’ve heard that right ;). See I’m not a trichologist but with all the DIY (Do It Yourself) hair masks and skin masks I’ve whipped in my kitchen has treated 95% of my hair problems and really helped me get back my healthy hair.

Safe to say that these hair masks work wonders on coloured hair extensions. For healthy hair, hair masks should be your first choice as they are packed with essential oils and protein-rich ingredients that is sure to nourish your crowning glory ;)!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to five of the best beginner-friendly hair masks that will treat every hair woe :D

1. Super hydrating mask for healthy hair and healthy hair extensions         

What you need- olive oil, banana and honey

Neither you nor I or anyone for that matter like to eat brown-speckled bananas, but you spent money on it. So instead of discarding them, why not put it to good use? Infact, make a super quick nourishing hair mask for your coloured hair extensions. Bananas are rich in potassium and make hair softer and smooth, olive oil is rich in fatty acids and moisturizes your dehydrated hair and honey as we all know and our personal favourite reduces breakage and brings back shine. It's okay to use this hair mask on your healthy hair extensions too for they will condition them.

2. For smoother coloured hair extensions

What you need- virgin coconut oil and argan oil

Add a dollop of toning conditioner to these hydrating and nourishing ingredients that will create a hair mask for your healthy hair extensions. It will add a huge amount of shine and smoothness. An easy method to maintain your coloured hair extensions during this lockdown ;)

3. Hair mask for flakes and dandruff           

What you need- apple cider vinegar (diluted), water and tea tree oil

This hair mask is MAGIC!! The apple cider vinegar changes the acidity on your scalp. It does wonders to your scalp by disrupting the yeast growth that causes dandruff. As for tea tree oil, it is antibacterial and antifungal and stops the growth of dandruff and itch on contact. 

4. For hair growth and strength

What you need- almond milk, olive oil and flaxseed

The first step is to transform the flax seeds into a gooey gel, mix it in almond milk and olive oil. Smoothen it onto an area you’re focusing on for your hair to regrow. Let it sit for an hour and then rinse. This hair mask is said to grow back your healthy hair when applied from roots to end. 

Don’t consider making a hair mask as a task or that you’re obliged to do it. It’s a fun activity that will reap its results and you just have to be patient to witness it. Also, you know you could do so much with the food items and pantry items in your house? :O 

Have fun creating these hair masks and we hope they help you as much as it did to me! xx