Clip-in hair extensions- damage free way to add colour

Clip-in hair extensions- damage free way to add colour

None of us ever want to damage our real and natural hair, do we? But then again we are so provoked to get our hair coloured after watching our favourite celebrity or blogger get a fancy shade hair transformation. Colouring your hair is always fun and makes you feel like a whole new version of yourself and boosts your confidence too. One such great deal is to invest in human hair extensions

Be it clip-in hair extensions or coloured hair extensions, from Katy Perry to Kylie Jenner, every celebrity enjoys colorful hair sprees, why not you? It’s your turn now! 

We bring to you 5 fun ways to add colour to your hair without damaging them :D

1. Our very own clip-in streaks human hair extensions

How is it that you still haven’t gotten your hands on our clip-in streaks hair extensions? :O I mean there isn’t even one reason as to why you shouldn’t be buying them. They are painless, instant, budget-friendly and SO REAL! 

These streaks come in a variety of colours and shades and are a carbon copy of your own natural locks so even when you clip-in these coloured hair extensions, just comb it through your real hair and they’ll blend flawlessly making it look as though you have got your hair coloured.

2. Colorful hair chalk 

Hair chalks are currently the rage right now as a way to get damage-free colour. You’ll find these hair chalks in any beauty supply store. Just dampen your hair- not too dry or not too soaked and ensure your hair is clean meaning that there is no hairspray, conditioner or hair gel. 

During application, start chalking from top to bottom and not in a back and forth motion. You won’t get the result in one go so try going over as much as desired. Chalk up with your favourite colour and make them look like coloured hair extensions ;)

3. Want to go global? Try these balayage clip-in hair extensions

Our very own and most popular- 7 set clip-in hair extensions. They come under three categories- seamless, classic and seamless balayage. These clip-in hair extensions are 100%  human hair extensions. If you have thin hair or less volume or short hair, you can purchase these as they will stay for a very long time if and when maintained well. They won’t damage even a strand of your hair so yeah a damage free way to get your hair coloured :D

Definitely going to make your hair look and feel better than what a salon will offer, try it! 

4. Vibrant and colourful hair paint wax 

For all you hair extensions lovers and natural haired lovelies, hair paint wax is apparently the innovative rave to add colour to your hair. It’s a quick fix and won’t damage your hair. Just apply the colour to your damp hair and it will last upto 3 days or even more ;)! 

It has natural ingredients like beeswax, castor oil and tea extract so you can be rest assured that damage is definitely not on the way!

 Not only colour but also add volume to your hair using our human hair extensions. They are easy and blend seamlessly into your hair :D xx