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Hair Problems? Hair Extensions Come To Save The Day!

Onion juice with hibiscus & curry leaf oil, hair masks, egg whites, yogurt and everything else you can find in your kitchen. Did you use them all to rescue your hair from the crisis it is in? 

While these home-made hair rescue trails might have worked for a few, a few others don’t seem to be able to solve their hair woes, no matter what. We feel you.

We are here to single-handedly fix your hair problems. Yup sister, we hear that right. Here are some of the most common hair problems & the solutions to it. 

Stagnant Hair Growth

Who doesn’t love long & luscious hair? 

The hairstyles you can achieve and the straight out of a fairytale feel you can get with long hair is worth a million bucks. Have you spent months or years trying to grow your hair, but it doesn’t seem to grow even an inch? Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for you. Hair extensions! 

Human hair extensions have come a long way in India. The seamless look & the easy maintenance makes hair extensions a go-to solution for hair problems.

Our 7 Set Clip-In Extensions helps you achieve fuller & longer hair in a giffy! With sizes ranging from 16’’ to 26’’, you can use these long hair extensions to get the long hair you always dreamt of! 


With plush hair extensions available in India, put a fullstop to your hair woes.

Decreasing Volume 

Does combing your hair or washing it or merely running your fingers through it freaks you out because of the amount of hair fall you are experiencing? Is all of this resulting in decreasing hair volume? 

Don’t lose your heart, we have an instant solution for you! Our Volumizer Hair Extensions come to your rescue. These volumizer hair extensions come in one-set, two-set & three-set. You can choose what you’d like based on your vibe and the look you want to achieve.


These extensions are 100% human hair extensions and are as real as they come! 

The Thinning Ponytail

Having your hair open while it flies with the wind sounds super cinematic, but it is a task that’s hard to manage when you live in a tropical region like India. 

Are you an ardent ponytail person because it makes you feel comfortable or do you just love Ariana Grande? Whatever your reason, we love the good old ponytail too! But, is truckloads of hair fall reducing the volume of your ponytail?

Don’t have a somber face. We have the perfect solution for you. Tada, we present to you our Ponytail Extensions! Our Ponytail Extensions are made from high quality human hair extensions and will help you achieve a badass ponytail at the snap of your finger.  


A Crown Without Hair

Crown hair that’s thick and lustrous is the epicentre of any awesome sauce hairstyle. But, not all of us are blessed with it. Are you tired of patched hair fall on your crown and are thinking of procedures like hair transplants that will put a huge hole in your pocket? 

Wait, wait, hold on a second. We have a solution that will soothe your soul & your pocket and that's our hair patches made of 100% human hair extensions. Whether it is one side of your hair that just doesn’t seem to stay on your crown or the entire crown hair that is depleting, we have answers made of affordable human hair extensions. 

Try our products, change your life overnight and ofcourse get the crown you deserve. 

A Receding Hairline

A hairline that’s social distancing from your forehead, can be a real struggle. Yes, we are talking about a receding hairline. How much you wish that new baby hair magically appears overnight, right? 

But, who are we kidding, it is too much to hope for. But, don’t be disappointed. Our invisible cover-up patch made of human hair extensions, can save the day for you. Try it out, say au revoir to your receding hairline and bonjour to a beautiful hairline. 


A Balding Nightmare

From hormonal issues to various other reasons, baldness is something that’s out of your control. More often than not, baldness is a side effect of a demon within your body that you are fighting. Hey, that only makes you a warrior! 

Sometimes even warriors want to fight with beautiful hair. Our wigs is a 100% human hair  which doesn’t feel even a teeny tiny bit like artificial hair. 

Wear it, own it and rock it with our 100% human hair wig 

Whatever your hair problem, you do not have to try out a million things that may or may not work out for you, but will definitely put a hole in your pocket. Our human hair extensions, hair patches, ponytail extensions, hair wigs come to save the day!