A Guide To Recreate Iconic Hairstyles With Human Hair Extensions

A lot of times you might watch a movie and take a part of the actress with you. That’s how impactful a few characters can be. A few times, you love everything about the character, ESPECIALLY their hairstyle. Super relatable, isn’t it? 

We will take you down the memory lane of Bollywood and help you recreate a few super awesome iconic hairstyles with human hair extensions in your humble abode.

So ladies, brace yourselves and get ready for some time travel!

The 60s Sadhana Cut

It will be absolute injustice if we do not start this list with Sadhana’s cut. Long before fringes because ‘a thing,’ the 60s iconic actress Sadhana was totally rocking curtain fringes. She got into style the perfect curtain fringes paired with long and lustrous hair. 

OMG, how beautiful is she! 

How To Achieve This Hairstyle At Home: 

All you need to achieve this hairstyle is a pair of clip-in bangs made with human hair extensions. If your hair length is short, don't worry, we can help you fix that too with our long hair extensions

Once you have the clip-in bangs and long hair extensions made of human hair extensions, you can recreate the iconic Sadhana hairstyle in a breeze. 

  • Attach the clip-in bangs to fall perfectly on your forehead
  • Clip-in your long hair extensions you achieve the length you would like
  • Plait your hair in a classic three strand braid

You can add a touch of florals at the nape to take the hairstyle up a notch. 

There you go, look into the mirror and you will see a reincarnation of Sadhana. Too much pressure? Don’t worry, we are sure you can carry it off! 

The 80s Sharmila Tagore’s Bouffant

As much as is known for her stellar acting, Sharmila Tagore was a trendsetter in the 80s. Nude matt lips, double winged liner, arched eyebrows and above all her famous bouffant make people go gaga even today.

A clean mid parting, a perfectly sculpted bouffant and straight open hair. She looks like a goddess, doesn’t she? 

How To Achieve This Hairstyle At Home: 

Volume is key to achieve this look. If you do not have great volume, you can use volumizer hair extensions made of human hair extensions. You will also need hairspray, an elastic, a comb and lotsssss of bobby pins!

  • Clip in your volumizer hair extensions made of human hair extensions
  • Take a little front section of your hair and secure it with the elastic
  • Now, take the part behind it and start teasing it upwards using a comb. 
  • Continue this until you get the hair all puffed up
  • Leave a section of the hair close to your nape, since you would want to keep it open
  • Use hairspray on the puffed up part of the hair to achieve the bouffant shape you want and secure it with bobby pins
  • Now open the front part of your hair and lay it on the bouffant, secure it with bobby pins and seal it well with hairspray

Tadaaaa, your Sharmila Tagore’s Bouffant is ready. All that’s left is for you to dress up and dance on Wada Karo Nahin Chodoge Tum Mera Saath (Don’t forget to send us videos :-) )

Deepika Padukone’s Cocktail Cult 

Deepika Padukone is quite a revolutionary when it comes to style in Bollywood. Up until her milestone film Cocktail released in 2012, Bollywood was known for straight hair and clean hairstyles.

Deepika Padukone changes the entire hair game with voluminous, messy, wavy and streak hair in Cocktail. 

Doesn’t she look flawless? It is not just that one film, she changed the entire hair game for good! 

How To Achieve This Hairstyle At Home: 

The key to this hairstyle is volume and colour. Of course you cannot achieve volume overnight, but we can help you with our volumizer hair extensions made of human hair extensions.

And we don’t want you to do something extreme like streaking your hair just to achieve a hairstyle, we can help you with that too with our coloured hair extensions made of human hair extensions

Once you have volumizer hair extensions and coloured hair extensions made of human hair extensions in place, you are all set to achieve this new-age iconic hairstyle! 

  • Comb your hair to remove any tangles
  • Clip-in your volumizer hair extensions made of human hair extensions
  • Clip-in your coloured hair extensions in your hair. (Caramel coloured hair extensions to achieve the look bang on)
  • Use your flat hair iron and create beautiful long waves
  • Tease the crown hair a little to make it messy

And there you go, you are ready to be Veronica! 

So tell us sister, which iconic hairstyle are you going to try first?