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4 Hacks To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Human Hair Extensions

Oh, we understand it! The amount of money you splurged and the time you spent to find THE PERFECT human hair extensions is precious. Of course, you want those human hair extensions to last.

Now imagine this scenario, you found the perfect boy, dated him, and just got into a relationship. That’s what it means to find the right human hair extensions. But, just like a relationship needs effort, even your human hair extensions need effort to last long. Funny analogy right? But it is true. 

Little hacks can make your human hair extensions last longer. Here are 4 such hacks that will help you in the long run:

Make Your Human Hair Extensions Cozy

Your human hair extensions perform to the best of their abilities while they are clipped onto your hair. Don’t they deserve the perfect place to rest? Yes, we are talking about a Hair Extensions Carrier. 

Storing your human hair extensions in a carrier is the easiest way to care for them. A carrier makes your human hair extensions look better and last longer. Not just that, a carrier will make travel with your human hair extensions super duper convenient. While you are busy travelling the world, they are not all over the place in your luggage. 

So, getting a carrier is the first thing to do to make your human hair extensions last longer. 

You can get out our Hair Extensions Carrier now and pamper your human hair extensions 

Brushing Makes A BIG Difference

A lot of peeps miss a major step between unclipping their human hair extensions and storing them in a carrier. That is, brushing them.  

Yes, you heard that right. Do you not comb your hair before you go to bed? Yes, right? In the same way, even your human hair extensions deserve a nice bushing before they are stored after use. 

Sister, one ritual you MUST follow religiously is to brush your human hair extension before and after use. This will keep knotting, breaking, matts at bay. The brush you use for brushing is as important as the brushing itself. (Sounds like a tongue twister right? :P)

You should either use a soft nylon bristle brush or a wide-tooth comb which slides through the human hair extensions like a piece of cake.  

Hydrate Your Human Hair Extensions 

Had a long night of partying? This means you must have used a whole lot of products on your hair and human hair extensions too! Just like you need to hydrate yourself the next morning, your human hair extensions need a wash to survive the hair products used. 

Don’t forget to wash your human hair extensions at regular intervals to keep them clean and to increase their lifespan. Remember the thumb rule of washing them after every 20-25 uses.

If you wash your human hair extensions too often, that can cause a lot of damage too. Unlike your hair which secretes oils to keep it alive and moist, your human hair extensions are dry. So, you can consider using hair oil on your extensions before washing them. 

We know it is a tricky balance to maintain, but you will get there! 

If you want to clean your human hair extensions without drying them out too much, you can skip the shampoo and just rinse them using a conditioner. One size does not fit all for this hack. You should maintain a schedule and follow a process based on how often you use your human hair extensions and how much product you put in them. 


Mind The Products 

Using multiple products and styling agents can cause a lot of damage to your hair. Now imagine doing this to your human hair extensions, the effect of multiple hair products is worse than it is on your hair.  

Going overboard once in a while is alright, but if you are that person who uses your human hair extensions every day, make sure you do not use too much product on them. 

You must be wondering, “But, I have wavy hair and I straighten my hair after every wash. I needed my extensions to blend into my hair after I straightened them.” 

So, here’s a pro tip:

If you know for fact that you are going to straighten your hair all the time or curl it all the time, choose human hair extensions of the texture your hair is going to finally be in. Makes sense?

Here’s a scenario. You have wavy hair, but you will straighten your hair after every hair wash. Then, we advise you to buy straight human hair extensions. This way, you can blend them in easily and DO NOT have to use too much product in your human hair extensions

You can use this logic for coloured hair extensions, hair patches, wigs and ponytail extensions too! 

Products with SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Alcohol Denat, Ethanol, SD Alcohol 40, Propanol, Isopropyl, and Propyl are an absolute no-no for your human hair extensions.

Sounds like too much work? We promise you it is worth it, especially when you can increase the lifespan of your human hair extensions doing it.

Follow these hacks, become a human hair extensions doctor and increase their lifespan. XOXO