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Hair Fall? Here’s Why Hair Patches Are The Perfect Solution For You!

Hair loss, two words that are every girl’s nightmare. More hair on the comb than on your head, clogged shower drains, hair that trails everywhere you go, can put you in constant paranoia. We totally get the torture, ladies. 

Anything under the sun could be a reason for your hair fall. Here are some of the most common reasons for hair fall: 

  • Lifestyle & food habits
  • Products that don’t suit you
  • Hereditary 
  • Hormonal changes 
  • Side Effects of medication or a medical condition in itself
  • And the natural process of ageing 

Oh come on, there is nothing to panic here. We will get through this together, we promise!

But you must be wondering, “How will we get through this? I have tried every hair product on the planet!” Well, hold on, we still have a quick-fix for you. No we are not talking about hair weaving and hair transplant treatments. Just cost a bomb and are super tricky to maintain. 

We present to you different types of hair patch made of 100% human hair extensions. We are sure that they will fill in your hair and your soul. 

We don’t want to overload you with all the information at once, sister. So, how about this? Let’s dissect each kind of hair fall and the perfect hair patch for it. Bring in some popcorn, sit down and read on. 

The Receding Hairline

Are you seeing your hairline taking a backseat as stress takes a front seat? Or did you always have a broad beautiful forehead? But you want to change this to experiment with different hairstyles

Well, your receding hairline will recede in a jiffy with our invisible cover-up hair patch made with 100% human hair extensions. Our invisible cover-up hair patch works wonders to hide a receding hairline. 

All you need to do is pick the right hair patch colour to match your original hair colour and clip in it! And just like that, you can cover up your receding hairline. 



Sudden Increase In Hair Fall:

It is super duper normal to lose around 50-100 strands of hair everyday. That’s the cycle of human hair. But, are you seeing immense hair fall lately? Does putting a brush to your hair scare you? We have all been there at some point in life.

A sudden increase in hair fall is most often attributed to increased stress or a side effect of medication. Increase in hair fall reduces the density of hair on your crown. Sometimes to a point where your scalp plays peekaboo with people around you. 

#Relatable, isn’t it? 

Our side hair patches made of human hair extensions can be your best buddy in this situation. Side hair patches will increase the density of your crown hair and blend easily into your hair. Just choose the colour and length of the side hair patch. Clip the hair patches on both sides of your hair and there you go, you’ve just got yourself beautiful thick crown hair. 

These side hair patches are very seamless and provide an illusion of growing from your own hair roots. If you are having a wide parting or want to increase your crown volume, side hair patches are the answer. 

Bald Spots

Always thought only men suffered from bald spots? Sister, we are sorry to tell you, but a lot of women go through cases of baldness or bald spotting. This means they lose hair only in certain spots on the crown. 

This happens due to ageing and hormonal imbalance. But, if you are someone going through it, please don’t lose your heart. We get you and we know it can be heartbreaking. But, like we said we want to really help you regain your confidence. 

Always remember, you are awesome and you deserve the best!

Coming back to the point, we can help you cover bald spots with our hair toppers made of 100% human hair extensions. As the name suggests, our hair topper provides an illusion of a perfect hairline and scalp. 

100% human hair extensions are knotted onto a Swiss lace (TBH that’s the best lace you can get your hands in the market) to create the perfect crown for you. 

You can choose the colour and size of the Silk/ Lace Hair Topper made of human hair, clip it onto your hair & there you go!

You are all set to say bye-bye to your bald spots. 


Check out our Silk Hair Toppers today! 

When we say we understand, we really understand that battling hair loss can be really difficult. It takes a toll on your self confidence, positivity and just general well being. But, our hair patches and Lace hair toppers made of human hair will support you in carrying on with life. 

You go move mountains that you are meant to and we will take care of your hair. 

Stay strong. Stay stylish. XOXO