types of hair wigs you should not buy

4 Types Of Hair Wigs You Should NOT Buy!

Did you have a bad experience with a hair wig or are thinking of buying your first hair wig? Then you have landed on the right page, ladies. 

We will help you make the right decision, by taking you through the kind of hair wigs you SHOULD NOT spend your hard-earned coins on. Before we go all deep into the science of it, let’s step into a time machine and understand the history of hair wigs.

The word wig is short for a periwig, which makes its earliest known appearance in the English language in William Shakespeare's The Two Gentlemen of Verona. But, even long before appearing in the English language, hair wigs were popular in Rome, Egypt, etc. Wearing a hair wig was considered a symbol of status and pride. 

So, if you are having to wear a hair wig for whatever reason, hold your head high and wear it with pride honey! 

Now that we know where hair wigs came from, let’s come back into the present and decode the 5 types of hair wigs you SHOULD NOT buy. 

Shiny Hair Wigs

You buy a new hair wig and are all excited to put it on and step out. You are all decked up for your Sunday brunch, walk out of your house and realise that your wig is shining brighter than the afternoon sun. No, no, we are not exaggerating! 

Such shiny hair wigs do exist and they look super duper FAKE. You don’t want the entire world to know you are wearing a hair wig, right? Then shiny hair wigs are something you must stay away from. 

Shiny hair wigs are also made using a lot of chemicals and other material, so you definitely do not want to wear it on your head!

Hair Wigs Which Are Not Your Size

Just like a dress that’s not your size doesn’t compliment your beautiful body, a hair wig that’s not your size just doesn't do justice to you. A hair wig that’s bigger than your crown size keeps sliding off and a hair wig that’s smaller in size will alter the way you normally look.

It is extremely important to check the size match of the hair wig before you make a long term commitment to it. We don’t want to be stuck with a hair wig that doesn’t fit us right, do we? So, hair wigs that aren’t your size or hair wigs that are not dynamic to fit are the ones you should definitely not spend your money on.

Hair Wigs With Bad Quality Lace

The lace to a hair wig is what a core is to a reactor. BOOM, science analogy! Jokes aside, the lace of hair wig is the material the hair is weaved onto. And if the lace of a hair wig is of bad quality then, the entire wig ends up knotting, tangling and looking all over the page. 

Hence, make sure you test the lace when you buy a hair wig

Synthetic Hair Wigs 

This is a category that most people fall for! 

synthetic hair wigs vs human hair wigs which hair wig is better

Synthetic Hair Wigs might glitter like gold at first sight, but as time passes they aren’t the best hair wigs to have. The fact that synthetic hair wigs are made of synthetic material makes them look fake. 

Not just that, they have many limitations like they can’t be heat styled, can’t be recoloured etc. So, don’t fall for the low price of synthetic hair wigs, because you deserve the best. 

Okay, we have now listed down all the types of hair wigs you must beware of while making a hair wig purchase. You must be wondering? What kind of a hair wig should we buy then? We have an answer for that too sister!

The Perfect Hair Wig

Here are the attributes that make a hair wig the perfect hair wig:

  • A hair wig that’s made of 100% human hair
  • A hair wig that can be styled and recoloured
  • A hair wig that fits all sizes - with a adjustable strap
  • A hair wig than can be played with and can be parted in any direction

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Our Front Lace Wig fits the bill and ticks all the above mentioned attributes. The front lace wig is made of 100% human hair extensions which are procured from high quality hair. Not just that our adjustable strap fits any size and sits perfectly on the crown. 

You will have full freedom to recolour the hair wig or even style it using heat. If you wash the hair wig and care for it well, they last super long too! 

What’s there to not like about it right? 

Don’t believe us yet? Our buyers speak for us.

"I ordered this wig and I am floored by the quality. It's unbelievably light, once put you will forget there is a wig in your head. The texture is natural and it looks so pretty.I loved the wig and I would order again." - Jina from Delhi

"Amazing wig. Blends really well and looks quite natural. Very happy with the product." - Soumya from Mumbai

So, go on and check out our Human Hair Wigs now!

Always remember, you deserve the best.