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Hair Extension Mistakes You MUST Stop Making

Are you a hair extensions veteran or are you someone who got their pretty little hands on their first ever hair extensions set recently? Queen, whichever category you fall under, there could be a few hair extensions mistakes you might be making and are not aware of. 

We are here to help you stop making those hair extension crimes. Oh, this won’t be a boring lecture, we promise you that. 

So, let’s get started!  

Taking It Too High

This mistake is as common as hair fall. Did you get what we did there? (Wink, wink!)

A lot of ladies don’t realise that they are clipping in their extensions too high on their scalp. You don’t want those human hair extensions to be seen in your top angle shots. 

So, how do you tackle this? Simple, by making a hair extensions thumb rule. And that is to NOT clip any hair extensions above your eyebrow level and CLIP them as close to the roots as possible. 

Another solid fix is to use our seamless human hair clip-in extensions which blend perfectly with your hair, just like your favourite highlighter does on your face. 



Going In Blind 

Imagine going on a blind date that totally bombs. Well, purchasing hair extensions without any research is similar to that. 

Virgin, Remy, Caucasian are labelled human hair extensions of the highest quality. Too much jargon? Well, this is why you need to do the research before you spend your bucks. Make sure you put in the minutes, dive deep into the deets and make an informed hair extension purchase.  

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Mind The Colour

Take the hair extensions and match it to the colour of your hair roots. Perfect, right? 

Abort mission. Abort mission. That’s not how you should be doing it. Your hair extensions blend the mid & ends of your hair, hence you should be doing the matchy-matchy with that part of your hair. 

Sometimes roots tend to be darker or lighter than the rest of your hair, hence the next time don’t forget to match your human hair extensions with what’s in the middle. 

Pro Tip: You can choose a colour that’s a little lighter or darker than your hair, just so that it blends naturally and doesn’t seem like it's too perfect to be true.

Explore our wide range of human hair extensions and don’t forget to mind the colour, sister! 



Go Slow With The Comb

With human hair extensions being super seamless and high blendable with your own hair, you can sometimes forget that there is something that is not yours clipped or taped to your scalp.  

So, here’s something you MUST NOT DO even if the world is coming to an end, when you have hair extensions on. That is to go all in from the top with your comb. If you do this, you will run into the risk of the extensions falling off your hair, as you are pushing them downwards. 

So, how are we supposed to comb our hair? That’s a million dollar question, but don’t worry, we are going to answer it for free. 

  1. Divide your hair into two, by making a middle partition
  2. Take a wide tooth comb and go in from bottom to top
  3. Comb the bottom section of your hair first
  4. Then slowly go upwards to the scalp
  5. Be gentle on the scalp
  6. Since you have untangled all of your hair already, combing the scalp should be a piece of cake!

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