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Bangs - Don’t Cut Them, Just Clip Them!

Blunt bangs, curtain bangs, side bangs, choppy bangs, wispy bangs, textured bangs...

Oh, we can keep on going. But, you get the point right? Bangs are something every girl tried at some point in life or wants to try at some point in life. Come on, you know we are right. There are only two ways it can go when you cut your hair to achieve bangs. 

1. You love it. But, you dread the daily maintenance routine:

You wake up one fine morning and decide today is the day to do the daredevil stunt. You go to your hairdresser, whom you trust with your life and ask him/her to cut the bangs. You look into the mirror and voila! IT LOOKS AMAZING. 

You walk out of the parlour feeling like you are coming straight out of a rom-com. The bangs accentuate your features and just make life a little more awesome. Cut to a week later. You can’t do it anymore. 

You wake up realising the bangs grow faster than you think, which only means your hairdresser is going to end up becoming your best friend. Those bohemian bangs that are effortless to maintain happen only in romcoms. Real-life bangs require REAL EFFORT. 

Those extra 10 minutes every morning (that you absolutely cannot afford. Courtesy: Late nights are binge-watching your favourite OTT series) to style your bangs, starts to seem like an effort. And last but not the least, no one loves the oil slick your bangs become after a long day!

2. Oh god, it looks so bad. How can I undo this?

This obviously is worse than the first scenario. You gobble up the courage, cut the bangs, look into the mirror and wonder why you just did it. If only there was an undo button to do it over. But sadly, there isn’t. 

Don’t back off from your bangs dream yet, because there is a perfect solution with a specially installed undo button. And that is... Drum roll... Clip-in Bangs! 

Clip-in bangs give you the wings to be adventurous with your hair, without any collateral damage to your hair.

Check out our clip-in bangs made out of 100% human hair extensions now. 

Why You Should Cash Your Chips In For Clip-in Bangs? 

Clip-in Bangs are so easy to maintain, that is it almost unreal. All you need to do is to trim the clip-in bangs based on the look you want to achieve, style them a little and clip them in. 

Human hair extensions, no matter how real they look, do not grow. This means you do not have to spend your hard-earned bucks on frequent bang trims

Clip-in Bangs give you the freedom to change the look. Do not want your bangs to come in the way in the middle of your big meeting? Simple, just take off the Clip-in Bangs and wear them back on when you want to rock the office party in the evening. 

And lastly, you do not have to worry about not being able to undo it if things go wrong. All you need to do is to unclip in the Clip-in Bangs and go on with your life. Gift those Clip-in Bangs to a sister who wants to experiment with her hair. Trust us, she will LOVE YOU.

Who wouldn’t want to go for such versatile Clip-in Bangs made of 100% human hair extensions? 


How To Take Your Clip-in Bangs Hairstyles Up A Notch? 

If you are experimenting with your hair, why not do it all the way? Here are a few hairstyles you can try out keeping the Clip-in Bangs at the centre of it. 

Blunt Bangs High Ponytail

Nothing screams GIRL BOSS more than a high ponytail with the perfect blunt bangs. You can absolutely nail it. Just imagine! All you need to do is to use Clip-in Bangs and Ponytail Extensions to achieve the perfect Blunt Bangs High Ponytail.  

Curtain Bangs With Colour In The Hair

Curtain bangs which fall your face subtly, paired with colour in your hair. Sounds like a perfect monsoon brunch look, doesn’t it. You can achieve this cool look without tampering with even an inch of your hair. All you need are Clip-in Bangs and coloured hair extensions. You can experiment with both colour and bangs, in one shot

Check out a range of coloured human hair extensions that will make you go awww! 

 Side Bangs With A Messy Bun

Want to achieve a look that’s laid back, yet trendy? Then this is the perfect look for you. Side bangs that make your face look sharp with the forever in trend - messy bun, fits the bill. 

We know what you are thinking. “But I do not have the hair volume for the perfect messy bun.” Don’t worry, our messy bun scrunchie made with 100% human hair extensions will build the perfect bun for you.  

Go on already. Try those bangs out and look bangin! XOXO