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5 Reasons Why You SHOULD NOT Colour Your Hair

Are you inspired by Kate Winslet’s striking blue hair from Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind or Vaani Kapoor’s rebellious dip-dyed orange hair in Befikre? Well, we get you. 

Your normal hair might seem too Plain Jane to you and you might be tempted to experiment with your hair colour, just to spruce up things a little bit.

But, hold on, think hard and long before you make that irreversible change to your hair. We can give you a million reasons why you should not be colouring your hair, but for now, let’s settle for 5 reasons why you SHOULD NOT colour your hair.

1. Oh, you won’t be able to deal with the HAIR LOSS, honey!

Those crazy chemicals and bleach used to achieve the colour you are craving for can make your long and luscious hair very brittle and breakable. Those 10 strands of hair you lose everyday will slowly become 50 and then a million. (Okay, we are exaggerating a little bit here. But, you get the point right?)

Here’s an easy way out. Try human hair coloured extensions and take a risk that is reversible. Also, you get to keep all your hair and add a bit of colour by using coloured hair extensions. 

2. Your HAIR TEXTURE will go for a toss

How do you think your hair acquires the colour you are aspiring for? Those harsh chemicals penetrate through your hair cuticles to alter the colour. Sounds painful, doesn’t it? Imagine those poor hair cuticles! 

What’s worse is that the harsh chemicals not only alter the colour of your hair but also alter the texture of it. Yes, you heard that right. 

Remember seeing a friend who just coloured his/her hair and thinking, “Wow, that looks great!” and then a few months later, you see their hair texture change from satin to jute? It is the hair colour that did it, darling! 

Don’t get us wrong here. We love some colour in the hair too. But, maybe achieve it without damaging your hair? 

The perfect solution is human hair extensions. Invest your hard-earned money in a few great coloured hair extensions and shine on girl! You know you deserve it. 

Explore our clip-in streaks coloured hair extensions and add pop to your life.  

 3. It can cause an ALLERGY that can get you itching 

A few skincare products might make you glow instantly and a few might get you thinking, “Why did I do that?”

Well, that doesn’t change when it comes to hair colour too. A few chemicals used in hair colours can turn into irritants and make your scalp really itchy. Not just that, these chemicals could have long term side effects that you surely DO NOT WANT! Are you sure you want to take such a risk? 

Swap the risk with a reward and go for coloured hair extensions that are long-lasting.

Take a look at our seamless 3 set balayage clip-in extensions and get the hair look you always dreamed, without the colour damage of course!   

 4. Colouring costs a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY

Colouring costs a whole lot of money. If you decide to go ahead and do it, let us warn you sister, it doesn’t end there! It has to be followed up with touch every couple of months and that’s going to put a whole in your pocket. 

You have to keep touching-up or wait patiently until your entire hair grows out and that’s going to take an eternity! 

Don’t get anxious, we have a plan B for you. 

Step 1: Decide on the colour you want to go for

Step 2: Choose coloured hair extensions that match your choice

Step 3: Buy them once and put in the rest of your money in the bank

Sounds like a plan doesn’t it?

Whether you want long hair extensions or short hair extensions, we have it all and we have it in a whole lot of colours for you.   

5. If it goes wrong, IT REALLY GOES WRONG

How many times has a friend told you that she saw a different colour in the catalogue and it looked 10 shades different on her hair? Oh, that happens A LOT!

Imagine you wanted your hair to have the perfect honey brown colour and you end up looking blonde. Yup, that’s a nightmare you WILL NOT be able to reverse. Trying to colour it back to your original hair colour will do DOUBLE THE DAMAGE because you are going to use twice the chemical and cause double trouble to your hair. 

So yes, are you ready to take that risk without your beautiful luscious hair?  

Since we are not here to kill your colour vibe, here’s a win-win for your hair and your urge to experiment with hair colour. 

And, drumroll, the solution is coloured hair extensions!

Choose the colour you like. See it live on human hair extension. Make a smart purchase. 

Check out our coloured hair extension collection right now. 


We’ve given you five reasons why you shouldn’t colour your hair and like we said earlier, we can keep going. Remember ladies, thy hair shall not be messed with, because every strand is precious. 

Make smart choices and stay stylish. XOXO