Get The Sonam Swag With Clip-In Extensions #AchieveTheLook

Get The Sonam Swag With Clip-In Extensions #AchieveTheLook

She is someone who is never ever afraid to speak her mind. She has a style of her own and is a trend-setter, a diva and an unconventional actress. She entered the big screen after winning the battles of her own.

When no one believed that someone like her could be an actress, she persevered and shook them all after a massive weight loss journey. She is none other than the Kapoor Khandhan’s Chirag - Sonam Kapoor. 

She is someone who taught girls never to let haters dim your light and has inspired millions of darlings with her style. From making a debut in Saawariya in 2007 to choosing to act to movies that tell stories of women like Neerja, Veere Di Wedding, Khoobsurat, etc., she has come a long long way. 

Breaking the taboo of Hindi film actresses should not get married at the peak of their career, she took a leap of faith with the love of her life. Oh, and she proved to the world that marriage is not the end of an actresses career and how! 

Without any further ado, let’s get rolling and tell you how to can achieve various hairstyles of Sonam Kapoor with clip-in extensions made of human hair extensions. 


In Delhi-6, Sonam pulled off the traits of a Delhi kudi with absolute nazakat. As an aspiring singer in the streets of the capital city, she won all our hearts in a jiffy. Her long and luscious hair in the movie only made her character even more believable. 

To achieve her look all your need are clip-in extension bangs, long hair extensions made of human hair extension, flat iron, a comb and an elastic. Comb your hair to remove any tangles. Then add the clip-in extension bangs and long hair extensions in your hair. Use the flat iron to straighten your clip-in extensions bangs and create the effect of curtain bangs. 

Then divide your hair along with the long hair extensions into three parts and start plaiting it from the nape. Secure the bottom of the plait with an elastic. Pair the hairstyle with a Kalamkari kurti.

There you go, you are all set to look like the girl next door from Delhi-6.

Source: Bollywood Hungama

I Hate Love Storys

From a desi kudi in Delhi-6 to an urban, ambitious and broad-minded film assistant in I Hate Love Storys, Sonam took a 360-degree turn. Her style in the movie was subtle yet fun and her hairstyle was simple & elegant.

To achieve her look in the clip, you need long hair extensions. But, if you want to take the look up a notch you can use Caramel Brown Balayage clip-in extensions. You will also need a flat iron and a comb. 

Put on long hair extensions or Caramel Brown Balayage clip-in extensions made of human hair extensions, based on what you choose. Then comb your hair out to remove any tangles that it may have. Now take the flat iron and straighten the top part of your hair. 

Create long waves in the last 4-5 inches of your hair and the long hair extensions. Now part your hair right in the middle and comb it out neatly. Use a hair setting spray to ensure that the partition is maintained and your hair doesn’t go wild.

And there you go, your hairstyle is all ready!

Veere Di Wedding

If there is one film that will give you style goals and won’t allow you to take your eyes off the ladies on the screen, then that is Veere Di Wedding. 

With great clothes, amazing makeup and chic hairstyles, Veer Di Wedding was a treat to the eyes. To achieve Sonam Kapoor’s look in the movie, you will need Bronze Balayage clip-in extensions made of human hair extensions, a flat iron, a comb and hair spray.

Wear the Bronze Balayage clip-in extensions made of human hair extensions in your hair and comb it out to remove any tangles. Then use the flat iron and create long waves throughout your entire hair and Bronze Balayage clip-in extensions.

Create a middle partition, as you did in the previous hairstyle. Finish it off with a bit of hair spray. And you go, you are all set to look like a diva on the ramp. Pair this hairstyle with a short black dress and red lipstick.

Nothing can stop you then, honey!

Using clip-in extensions, volumizer extensions, coloured hair extensions you can achieve all the looks of Soman Kapoor that you never thought you could. 

So, what are you waiting for? Who cares what the world says? Choose with your heart and get set to look like Sonam Kapoor. Stay sexy and stylish! XOXO