about halo hair extensions

Feel empowered with our halo hair extensions

Halo hair extensions are the quickest and easiest way to achieve fuller and longer hair. They are undoubtedly our best sellers and have given many girls the confidence they have for so long craved for ;)!

These human hair halo hair extensions fit onto your head in just one single easy step. These halo hair extensions are perfect and ideal for first-time users and simple for everyday wear in just a fraction of seconds. 


These halo hair extensions have an adjustable fish string that is placed around the crown area after sectioning the hair. The string is light and does not feel heavy at all as it distributes the weight. 

Halo hair extensions for thin hair are best suited for thin hair type and for those with below shoulder-length. A perfect one and done solution for adding natural volume and length. 

These halo hair extensions for thick hair are suited for those with hair that is longer than shoulder length and thin to medium thickness. For those with short hair, it won’t blend seamlessly and we recommend you to opt for our classic 7 set clip-in human hair extensions

    Does it take too long to wear these halo hair extensions?

    This is the best part of buying halo hair extensions you guys, they are so quick and easy to wear. It amps up your look in 60 seconds or even less than that ;)! Adds thickness, length and volume to your hair. The time it takes is so less that you can easily make it a part of your everyday routine or if you’ve made impromptu plans with your girls post work :D

    These human hair extensions can be experimented with side braids, low ponytails and other easy hairstyles that can be created in less than 5 mins. 

    How to wear Halo Hair Extensions

    Step 1- brush your hair first as well as the halo hair extension. Use a wide-toothed comb to prevent damage or breakage. Section your hair around the crown in a circular shape. Keep it clipped.

    Step 2- place the halo hair extensions around the crown of your head where the circular shape is formed- in between your bun and just above your ears.

    Step 3- secure it at the hairline above your ear with the clips. Take the bun down and blend them with the clipped halo hair extensions. Brush it well and be gently. 

    Now, it’s time to style this lovely halo hair extensions for thin hair :D

    Hairstyles you can try with halo hair extensions:

    1. Low ponytails
    2. Braids
    3. Half do’s 

    Hairstyle 1- The double twisted braid

    Comb your hair gently. Clip the halo hair extension on your head for volume and blending. Take a two inch section of hair from either side of your head and twist them both inward. Ensure to secure them properly at the back of your head. Take the remaining hair, section them into three and braid them just how you normally would. Secure the bottom of the braid with an elastic that matches with the colour of your hair.

    We are not done yet. Take the braid and pull each side of the braid gently to fluff it up. BE VERY GENTLE! 

    Hairstyle 2- a voluminous half braid 

    Clip your halo extensions as usual. Take half of your hair towards the back and begin braiding them, don’t do it too tight for it’s going to be a voluminous look. Tie with an elastic band and again pull the braid gently to give it enough volume. Finish off with your favourite hairspray! 

    Embellish it with flowers if you’d like to :)!

    Hairstyle 3- low pony with some colourful streaks 

    Just do the usual that’s it! Clip-in our streaks on each side of the front section. Pull all of your hair loosely at the back and tie into a pony. Curl them lightly and your streaks too. 

    A good blend of usual hairstyle + an e-girl look :D


    Ensure that you don’t try out any fancy hairstyle as halo hair extensions lay flat on the scalp. The clips attached to the band are optional in case you’re looking for extra security. 

    You can find our halo hair extensions online and they are worth every penny. These halo hair extensions online from 1HS is budget-friendly and will last long on proper maintenance xx