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How To Wear Clip-In Bangs | The Ultimate Style Guide

Have you every been BANGRY? aka angry because you cut your own bangs and they look weird! Haha, we've all been there and done that! Every girl has at some point desired chic bangs but often it seems like a scary commitment. Don't worry, we now have a solution - Clip-in Bangs! But what are clip-in bangs? How to use clip-in bangs? They're all the fun, minus the commitment. With clip-in bangs you can simply transform your style within seconds, without committing to a permanent hair cut.

Clip-in bangs are a total steal because they have many advantages. They are super-easy to use, pocket-friendly, and can be made custom-fit your face shape and style preferences. Today, we'll take a look at how to wear clip-in bangs and provide some fun and stylish ideas to get you started.

Choosing the right clip-in bangs

When it comes to clip-in bangs, one piece fits all is not the case. Hence, it is important that you find the right piece depending on your requirements and style preferences. At 1 Hair Stop, we have two types of clip-in bangs: clip-in bangs and clip-in bangs with side pieces. To figure out which one you should get, there are a few things to consider:


Just like other hair extensions, Clip-in bangs can also be made from either synthetic hair or human hair. Synthetic hair is usually more affordable, but it may not blend as well with your natural hair. Human hair clip-in bangs offer a more natural look and can be styled with heat tools. The 1 Hair Stop clip-in bangs are made from 100% human hair and offer a seamless blend. Our clip-in bangs are heat resistant and can be styled easily using heating tools like straighteners and curling rods. You can also colour them to match your natural hair.


Make sure to choose clip-in bangs that match your natural hair colour. If you're unsure about the shade, try to find a colour chart or get a shade that closely matches your natural hair. 1 Hair Stop clip-in bangs can be easily coloured to match your natural hue. 


Clip-in bangs come in different lengths, so make sure to choose a length that complements your face shape and personal style.


Side-swept, blunt, or wispy; not every style suits every face. Hence you should consider the style that will work best with your face shape and hair type. Most clip-in bangs can be styled as per your likes and preferences.

How to wear clip-in bangs

Once you have picked the right bangs, it's to figure out how to attach and remove them. Don't worry, the process is actually very simple, and you'll be able to ace it in the first attempt. Just follow these 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Section your hair

The first step is to create space for the clip-in bangs. Take the bangs and roughly place them on your forehead to get an idea where you want them. Next, take a comb and make a small section at the desired place. Use bobby pins to clip your natural hair away. 

Step 2: Clip in your bangs

Now, open the clips and place the bangs in the section that you created. Before securing the clips check if the bangs look even on both sides and once you're happy with the placement, close the clips gently.

Step 3: Blend your bangs

Once your bangs are clipped in, use a comb or brush to blend them with your natural hair. If necessary, you can use a straightening iron or curling wand to style your bangs.

Step 4: Finish with hairspray

To keep your clip-in bangs in place, finish with a light mist of hairspray. This will help them blend seamlessly with your natural hair and ensure a secure fit.

5 Clip-In Bang Hairstyles To Try

Now you are all prepped about how to use clip-in bangs. Start your styling journey by trying out these simple DIY hairstyles that use clip-in bangs.

One | Classic Bangs

The classic straight-across bangs are a timeless look that can work for almost any face shape. With clip-in bangs, this style actually needs you to do nothing. Just take your clip-in bangs and attach them in the desired place. To blend them well, use a straightening iron and shape the hair a little.



Two | Side-swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs are a great option for those who want a more subtle change. To achieve this look, clip in your bangs to one side of your head, creating a diagonal line across your forehead. Take a straightener or curling iron and set the bangs in place. All done - quick and simple.


Three | Wispy Bangs

Just a little chop-chop and you have a natural and effortless wispy bangs look. Clip in your bangs in position then take a pair of scissors and slightly chop through the bangs creating a soft texture. If you're not confident handling scissors yourself, you can also seek professional help. Once the bangs are trimmed, sweep them to a side and you're good to go.

Four | Braided Bangs

Bangs with a twist - braided bangs. This look is simple to create and looks very stylish. To get the look, clip-in your bangs, now sweep them to one side where you want the braid to be. Next take a small section of your hair from the side and braid it with the bangs. Tuck the end of the braid behind your ear and we're done. To take it up a notch, you can add a fancy clip.

Five | Bun with Bangs

If you're looking for a more formal or sophisticated look, try pairing your clip-in bangs with a sleek bun. To achieve this style, clip in your bangs and create a low bun at the nape of your neck. Use small clips or u-pins to manage any stray hair. A bun with bangs looks cute plus sophisticated and can elevate any outfit effortlessly. 



Clip-in bangs are a great way to switch up your hairstyle without the commitment of a permanent cut. To get a nice flawless look just follow the tips we discussed like picking the right colour, texture and style. And you can easily achieve a trendy looking style. Have fun and embrace your new bangs!


How do I choose the right colour for my clip-in bangs?

Colour is a crucial aspect that ensures a seamless blend. Let's be honest, no body wants it to be evident that you're using clip-in extensions. So while making a purchase, go for a colour that almost matches your natural shade. This way the clip-in bangs will be virtually undetectable.

Can I style my clip-in bangs with heat tools?

It depends on the material of the clip-in bangs. Some synthetic bangs cannot withstand heat styling, while human hair bangs can be styled with heat tools. Always read the instructions before using heat styling tools.

How do I clip in my bangs?

Take the clip-in bangs and place them on your forehead to check if you like the look and placement. Once you have marked the position, now open the clips, section your hair close to the hairline and create a space for the clip-in bangs. Secure the clips in place and style them as desired.

How do I care for my clip-in bangs?

Care for your clip-in bangs just like you would care for your natural hair. Wash and condition them with a mild shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. Let them air dry, comb and store in a satin or silk pouch.

Are clip-in bangs good if I have a round face?

Yes! Clip-in bangs can actually help balance out a round face shape by creating the illusion of more angles and structure. Choose a bang style that suits your face shape and personal style.

How do I know if clip-in bangs are right for me?

Whether you have a special occasion coming up or you just want to give bangs a try, the clip-in bangs are a quick makeover tool. They are right for everyone and every occasion.