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9 Easy Steps to Wash Your Face with Eyelash Extensions

I think it’s safe to say that every girl wants long, beautiful, and fluttering eyelashes! And even a great mascara sometimes just doesn’t cut it. But that’s okay because what we’re going to discuss today is the ultimate solution to get those dream lashes - yes, we’re talking about eyelash extensions aka false lashes.

Eyelash extensions are a sure-shot way to get those glamorous eyelashes in a matter of seconds. Now if you’ve ever used false eyelashes you would know that they need some amount of maintenance and care and washing your face with eyelash extensions on can be a task.

That’s why we’ll list down step by step how to wash your face with your eyelash extensions on. But first, let’s learn a little bit about eyelash extensions.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

False eyelashes and eyelash extensions are two very popular eye makeup accessories that can help you instantly amp up your look and make your eyes more defined and your lashes fluttery.

Be it a special occasion or even if you want to add some glam to your everyday look, eyelash extensions, and false lashes are a quick, easy, and effective way to achieve a more Hollywood-worthy glam. 

False Eyelashes

False eyelashes, also known as strip lashes, are temporary lash enhancements that you can apply to your eyelids using an adhesive/ glue that usually comes along with the false lashes. 

They come in various different lengths, styles, and materials, so that you can choose the ones you like depending on the occasion, your look, and style. False eyelashes are typically applied to the entire eyelid in one piece. They can be reused with proper care and removal.

People usually go for false eyelashes when they need a short-term solution to elevate their look. These can be easily applied and removed and you can do it yourself from the comfort of your home. The eyelash stripes come attached with a glue strip, you just need to remove the covering and then place the lashes along your natural lash line and stick them on. It is equally easy to remove them - just pull gently on the lash and strip it out in one direction.



Eyelash Extensions

In contrast to false eyelashes, eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent way to enhance your eyes. They are individually applied to your natural lashes using a special glue, and for that you might need some professional assistance also.


Extensions are available in various lengths, thicknesses, and curls to create a customized look that enhances your natural eye shape.


Eyelash extensions can last several weeks with proper care, making them perfect for those seeking a longer-lasting enhancement.

Natural Look

When done correctly, extensions can provide a natural and full appearance, eliminating the need for mascara.


Wake up with ready-to-go lashes every day, saving you time during your morning routine.

Benefits of False Eyelashes and Eyelash Extensions

Here are a few benefits of using eyelash extensions or false eyelashes:

Enhanced Appearance

Both false eyelashes and eyelash extensions instantly amplify your eyes and overall facial features.

Boost in Confidence

Achieve a more confident outlook as you rock fuller and more defined lashes.


Change your lash look according to your mood, occasion, or style preference.


Using eyelash extensions or false eyelashes can significantly help you reduce the time you put into applying your makeup. Simply get your lashes on and you’ve amazing looking eyes in seconds - no need to worry about eyeshadows, eyeliner or mascaras.

No Smudging

Mascara and eyeliners make your eyes look beautiful but there is always the risk of smudging them. With eyelash extensions or false lashes you can never go wrong.



A step-by-step guide to washing your face with eyelash extensions

Got your eyelash extensions or false lashes on? No worries, if you follow these simple steps you can safely and conveniently wash your face without causing any damage to your eyelash extensions or false lashes.

Step 1: Gather your things

Before you begin to wash your face, keep all your things handy - face wash, eyelash brush, a towel, a bowl of warm water. While this step might seem unnecessary, it will save you a lot of time and make things more fuss-free later on as you won’t have to run around the bathroom with a wet face.

Step 2: Wash your hands

The next important prerequisite is to clean your hands thoroughly before washing your face. Wash your hands with a mild hand wash to remove all dirt and grime. This step will ensure that dirt from your hands does not transfer to our face or your eyelash extensions.

Step 3: Brush Your Lashes

Using a clean lash brush or spoolie, gently comb through your eyelash extensions. This helps to separate any tangled lashes and removes any dirt or debris that might have accumulated.

Step 4: Splash Some Water

To begin washing your face, wet it by splashing some lukewarm water all over your face making sure that the eyelash extensions are also wet but not soaking drenched in the water. 

Step 5: Apply Face Wash

Squeeze a small amount of your oil-free face wash onto your fingertips and create a lather by rubbing your hands together. Now gently massage the cleanser onto your face, avoiding the eye area. Be extra cautious near your eyelash extensions to prevent any unnecessary pulling or rubbing.

Step 6: Rinse

Once you’re done, use lukewarm water again, and rinse off the facewash from your face. Make sure to rinse away all traces of the cleanser from your eyelash extensions, being careful not to scrub or pull on them, just splash water a couple of times in the eyelash area to make sure they’re clean.

Step 7: Dry

Using a soft face towel pat your face dry. Do not rub or be harsh, in fact, go extra gentle in the area around the eye. Rubbing might damage or loosen your eyelashes, so be careful. After patting your face dry, allow 5 more minutes for it to become completely dry. 

Step 8: Comb Again

Once your face is nicely dry, take your lash brush again and comb through the eyelashes very gently. This will help separate them and make them completely moisture-free.

Step 9: Makeup

Continue with your makeup as usual. Add a little bit of mascara to highlight your lashes further. Just ensure that you’re not using heavy products around the eye area as this may cause the lash glue to weaken.

Tips for Maintaining Eyelash Extensions

Here are some additional care tips to help you keep your eyelash extensions looking fabulous.

Tip 1: Use Oil-Free Products

Choose good quality oil-free makeup removers, cleansers, and moisturizers to prevent weakening the adhesive that holds your extensions in place. Additionally, pay extra attention to the eye products that you use - such as concealers, eye shadow, and more. Good quality products will not harm your skin and will also keep your eyelashes safely in place without weakening the glue.

Tip 2: Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

Whether you're washing your face or applying makeup, be gentle around your eye area. Rubbing or tugging at the eyelash extensions can lead to early shedding of your lashes. It can also damage the eyelash fibers and make them stick together.

Tip 3: Sleep on Your Back

Sleeping with eyelash extensions can cause them to stick and damage due to the friction between the sheets, pillow, and your eyelash extensions. If possible, try to sleep on your back to prevent your lashes from rubbing against your pillow, which can cause damage. Sleeping on your side is also okay. Just ensure not to sleep on your stomach.

Tip 4: Be Mindful of Steam

While a warm shower or steamy bath can be relaxing, excessive heat and moisture can weaken your lash adhesives/glue. Hence when you’ve your eyelash extensions on, try to avoid steam in order to keep them secure and safe.

Tip 5: Regular Maintenance

False eyelashes need good maintenance and gentle care to keep them looking fresh and new. Include eyelash care in your daily skincare routine and take all necessary measures like brushing your eyelashes daily. Occasionally you can also schedule an appointment with your salon to ensure that your eyelashes are healthy and happy - nothing can beat the expert touch.




False eyelashes or as you call them eyelash extensions, are a makeup accessory that instantly helps you get long, fluttery, and beautiful eyelashes. You can get some really good quality 3D Mink lashes from our store. Explore our 3D Mink lashes.

Wearing eyelash extensions is the same as wearing hair extensions - you should learn how to use them properly and also maintain them regularly. With just a few tips in mind, you can use them effortlessly.

As you just saw, it is also really easy to wash your face while wearing your eyelash extensions. You just need to be a little careful and treat your eyelash extensions with gentle care. If you follow all the precautions, your lashes will last long and keep looking as good as new. 


  1. Is it okay to wash eyelash extensions with water? 
    You can easily wash your eyelash extensions at home with cold or lukewarm water. Follow the steps we discussed and you’ll be able to wash your eyelash extensions without damaging them.
    The only important thing to keep in mind is to avoid the use of hot water as when hot water comes in contact with the eyelash glue, it can cause the adhesive to weaken and as a result, it increases the risk of your eyelash extensions coming off.

  2. How do you sleep with eyelash extensions? 
    If you’ve your eyelash extensions on and you need to rest, ensure that you do not sleep on your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach will create friction between your lashes and the pillow, which can damage the lashes. It will be best to sleep on your back as this way, your lashes will not touch anything and will rest with you while you’re resting.

  3. Can you brush lash extensions when wet? 
    When your lash extensions are wet, they tend to be more fragile and prone to breakage. Hence it is a good idea to wait a little and let your eyelash extensions dry completely before you use an eyelash brush on them.

  4. Should I wash my lash extensions every day?
    Washing your eyelash extensions every day is not necessary, you can clean them every 2-3 days. Daily washing might result in damage and breakage, hence it is best to avoid washing them every day.