Create your own style statement with these hair toppers!

Create your own style statement with these hair toppers!

Losing hair is literally every girl’s nightmare! When you see your comb tangled in dozens of hair strands, it's enough to cause an anxiety that would last until you see any improvement in your hair fall.

I’m sure just like any other girl, you have tried every remedy at home to get rid of the hair fall, haven’t you? Been to salons to get that expensive hair treatment you saw in the ad, but do they actually last for a lifetime? I don’t think so. You have to continue doing so to ensure you don’t lose those precious hair anymore. 

But, what if I tell you there’s a solution to this never-ending nightmare? A one time investment that is going to last for about 6-10 months if worn regularly. Yes! Our much in-demand hair toppers

Don’t be like “only 6-10 months?” you would be visiting a salon once every 2-3 months, won’t you? How much is that going to cost you? Alot! Think about it!

Firstly, the causes of losing or thinning of your hair are many. But trust us there is nothing for you to feel agitated. We have got you covered!

Here’s a proof-  

Our hair toppers for women are come in two variety-

  1. Lace hair toppers 
  2. Silk hair toppers

If you want to cover up your bald spot, increase front volume- these hair toppers are going to be your new best friends!

Mind you guys these hair toppers for thinning crown are made from 100% best quality human hair. A quick-fix in one investment without you having to spend again and again. 

Let’s talk about these hair toppers for women and you can decide later which one you’d like to get your hands on!

Delicate & graceful lace hair toppers

Every time you wanna stroke your hair gently, do you feel your scalp mostly? Does the thinning at your crown area or hairline feel very prominent? If yes, lace hair topper is your quick-fix. 

  • Comes in various sizes- 3x5, 4x4 and 5x5’’ 
  • These human hair toppers are made from 100% human hair
  • Natural wavy in texture but can be straightened if you have straight hair
  • When worn, its seamless and look natural
  • Made of Swiss Lace which is a finest lace
  • Heat resistant and can be coloured
  • Knots are visible up close
  • Budget-friendly 

Your hair transformation is just a few clips away!


Soft like silk hair toppers

Sister, if you lose daily 50-100 strands of hair then know that it’s completely normal. However, if it’s more than that then it’s definitely a matter of concern. Firstly, stop stressing! Stress is literally the root cause of every health issue. 

This human hair topper is popular among all our products! 

  • Comes in various sizes- 2.5x5, 4x4, 5x5, 4x6 and 7.5x6.5
  • Our best seller
  • The patch looks very similar to human scalp
  • Heat resistant 
  • This human hair toppers are made from 100% human hair
  • Heat resistant and can be coloured
  • Knots aren’t visible
  • Slightly more expensive than the lace hair topper

This hair topper is a must-have! You should always feel confident in your own skin and appearance but if you’d like to jazz up a bit without looking any different, this hair topper for thinning crown is going to make you feel comfortable and so natural. 

You’re just a few clip-ins away from getting the most natural look with this hair topper for women and guess what? No one’s gonna know! ;)


Hair toppers online are available at our website only on pre-order and the duration of shipping takes around 2-4 weeks. 

These lace and silk hair toppers are handwoven and are made with the finest quality because we want the best for you! 

We understand your struggle and battle with hair loss, hair thinning and the bald spots. Seeing yourself lose strands of hair can be so straining both on your mental health and also physical health. So let us do what we are meant to do- provide you with the best hair toppers and you do you!

It’s about time you bid adieu to self-consciousness and say hello to beautiful and luscious looking hair! After all we are all worth it!