You’re only one click away from getting the best quality hair extensions!

You’re only one click away from getting the best quality hair extensions!

Women hair extensions have become a saviour for every girl, won’t you agree? Love long hair but born with short hair, use a hair extension and in no time you’ve added length plus volume to it. Well that’s what makes our hair extensions for women unique and different. They are seamless, virgin and 100% human hair. 

 Here’s a breakdown of our women hair extensions that gives volume, length and colour? How cool is that! You no more have to worry about getting your hair coloured and damaging them (umm most of the time)! Go on and get your hands on the best hair extensions for women only at 1HS!

So let’s get dig in and you can later decide what suits you the best!

Best for length and volume - 7 set 

We have 3 different categories under our 7 set namely;

Classic 7 Set Clip-In Extensions- Want to increase the length and volume of your hair? These 7 set clip-in extensions are a hit among all our products. They let you achieve longer, fuller and thicker hair. It’s a set of 7 clip-in extensions that lay flat on your scalp and are evenly layered. You won’t even feel the weight of it. And if you wanna experiment with other colours, know that you can colour these too as they are made from the best quality of human hair which can also be bleached. ;)

 Seamless  7 Set Clip-In Extensions- There’s honestly not much difference in our seamless 7 set clip-in extensions but what makes them special is that they lay flatter, are lighter and the weight is evenly distributed. Flaunt your full hair with these hair extensions without feeling uneasy! 

 Seamless  7 Set Balayage Clip-In Extensions- Not your regular balayage extension! You have the liberty to choose the shades as per your wish. It comes with a seamless extension and lays much flatter on the scalp. The hair extension is thinner and seamless. You won’t feel the weight of it at all! Add colour, length and volume. It’s a full blown hair extension! No more damaging your hair now!

 Believe me it’s an investment worth every penny! 

Best for overall volume only - 3 set 

We all have been there or maybe still there where we wish to get our hair coloured of every possible shade, right? What if you didn’t have to colour your hair at all and in fact see your hair in different colours as per your wish? WOW! Our 3 set volumizers is your answer! We got two here but in a variety you guys and definitely the shades you’ve wanted. 

3 set volumizers- Add instant volume and length to your hair with our 3 set women hair extensions. We have got this one in three different textures- straight, wavy and curly. Choose your pick, add volume and flip those luscious hair confidently. You couldn’t have asked for a better DIY hair extension. 

 3 set balayage volumizers- If you want to add highlights + volume to your hair that’s when we recommend you to opt for 3 set balayage volumizer. The shades will vary and you can opt for a combo that suits you best.

Clip-in a 3 set and to ensure that it blends well with your natural hair, here’s a hack- curl them along and you’ll see them perfectly blended. 

 Remember, if you have your hair coloured or not, either way these best hair extensions for women are for you!

Side volume - 2 set volumizer-

Just like our 3 set volumizer, our 2 sets are also very much similar to it. Clip-in these women hair extensions and you’ll see how instantly it gives volume to your hair. 

Back volume - 1 set volumizer-

Increase the volume, length and add a different texture to your hair with this 1 set. You can lay it flat at the crown area or at the bottom or however you want, be rest assured that it’s going to give you a full luscious hair look in seconds. You girls are only one step away from getting voluminous hair. Clip-in one set and you’re all set to rock the look!


Be it an outing with your girls, a date with bae or a cocktail party, these clip-in extensions are going to make your life easier and definitely give you a time of your life. Be it wigs for women or best hair extensions for women. When choosing either, choose 1HS!