Be The Perfect Hair Mom With Hair Extensions

Be The Perfect Hair Mom With Hair Extensions

Late nights with your newborn munchkin, running around a toddler bursting with energy, taking care of your rockstar who just began going to school, dealing with teenage tantrums. Motherhood is a tough row to hoe, but super rewarding!

But mommies, here’s something you should always remember. Never forget to take care of yourself amidst all the chaos. They say, “When you have your hair together, your life comes together!” You must be thinking, “Where do I have the time to pamper my hair, tend to it and style it?”

To be a perfect hair mom doesn’t take too much effort with clip-in hair extensions made of human hair extensions. (Slow claps please!) Honestly, it really doesn’t. Gone are the days you have to choose between spending time with your child and achieving the perfect hairstyle. With clip-in hair extensions you can do it all. 

Our hair extensions for moms are helping tons of moms around the country. Here are the top 1HairStop clip-in hair extension picks for busy moms like you.

Messy Bun Scrunchie: Our Messy Bun Scrunchie is exactly what it says. It is a messy bun in the form of a scrunchie made of human hair extensions. Oh my, this changed the hair game for so many moms! It empowers you to achieve the perfect look while you are running out of your home to run a mountain of errands. 

All you need to do is secure your hair together with a regular scrunchie and then add the messy bun scrunchie made of human hair extensions. And that’s it, you are ramp ready!

Ponytail Extensions:
Who says you can’t look like a bawse lady while you are taking care of your babies? Our ponytail extensions made of human hair extensions let you do just that. 

Whether you are struggling with unwashed hair or hair that looks too thin in a ponytail, ponytail extensions made of human hair extensions come to your rescue. Just bring your hair together and secure it with a scrunchie and wrap our ponytail extensions around it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy right? 

And guess what, our ponytail extensions come in different lengths. Whether you want to look like Priyanka Chopra from Don 2 or Ariana Grande, we make it possible.

Invisible Hair Patches: Postpartum hair fall is a real thing and it is high time we normalise it. Don’t you agree? That doesn’t mean it takes a hit on your confidence mommies. 

Our invisible hair patches made of human hair extensions help you overcome your insecurities and rock it like the diva you are. These are the perfect hair extensions for moms who have tried all kinds of remedies, tired of not seeing results and want an instant fix for a busy lifestyle. 

All you need to do is comb your hair well and clip in the invisible hair patches whenever you want to add more volume. Wear them, step out and get ready to get complimented. 

Not just these, we have a bunch of other hair extensions for moms. If you are looking to add a tinge of colour to live our
clip-in hair extension streaks are what you should go for and if bangs are something you always wanted to try, now is the right time to try clip-in bangs. 

If all you want to do is add volume to your hair, then our volumizer hair extensions made of human hair extensions are the right match for you. What’s exciting is that you have a bunch of length and texture options to choose from in all our hair extension offerings. 

So mommies, what are you waiting for? Get the look you deserve and be the perfect hair mom for yourself and your munchkins!