All you need to know about 1HS messy bun scrunchie

All you need to know about 1HS messy bun scrunchie

See ladies we genuinely don’t mean to encourage your laziness but we really want you to look effortless instantly and wear that sassy look. Its weekend, busy day at work or an impromptu date night with bae, whatever the reason, our messy bun scrunchie is going to be your go-to lazy girl hairstyle :D

They are 100% human hair, have no clips or anything and are very easy to style. When you tie them with your real hair bun, our messy bun hair scrunchie is going to give you an effortless tousled look each time! No repeats needed, no tutorials and no extra assistance! 

 You need this real hair messy bun scrunchie if you…

  1. Think your hair has less volume to tie it into a messy bun 
  2. If you haven’t washed your hair and want to instantly transform it 
  3. If you’re a fan of real hair messy bun scrunchie and want to achieve that look most of the time
  4. Want to amp up your look every morning for a Zoom call
  5. Umm...are just too lazy :P

What hair type is this human hair messy bun scrunchie suitable for?

It's suitable for all hair types but if you have thin hair and struggle with volume too, then messy bun scrunchie is a perfect instant fix for all your low bun hairstyles. These human hair messy bun scrunchie were made for the very purpose to give you girls more volume and make your bun look bigger than it usually is. 

If you have long hair, this human hair messy bun scrunchie is easy for you to tie into a low bun. And if you have short hair then pull all your hair into a top knot and tie it with this messy bun hair piece and make it look effortless!

But wouldn’t your other hair extensions offer the same effortless look? 

Of course you can achieve the low bun look but then again you will have to strategically place the hair extensions on each side of the head and on the crown area. We want to make styling as easy as possible for you ladies and we knew there was a better way to achieve a real hair messy bun scrunchie look and that is with our human hair messy bun scrunchie

The whole point of a messy bun scrunchie is to pimp the look in a short span of time, right? This messy bun hair piece is your easy way to achieve a flawless low bun look!

How is 1HS human hair messy bun scrunchie different from the ones already available in the market?

1HS’s messy bun hair scrunchie is procured from 100% human hair. This means you will achieve a natural look every time. The messy bun available in the market is made of synthetic hair that will immediately make it look very different from the human hair messy bun scrunchie

We offer these messy bun scrunchie in a variety of shades, namely- black/brown, caramel brown balayage, .Ash brown balayage, bronze balayage and golden caramel balayage. Whatever your hair colour, we are sure its going to blend well and look so elegant!

We have designed and manufactured these messy bun hair scrunchies that look modern, flawless, effortless and to blend seamlessly with your natural locks. 

Can people easily figure out that I am wearing a messy bun hair piece?

Of course NOT! Like we have already mentioned, these messy bun hair scrunchie are made from real hair. This human hair messy bun scrunchie by 1HS is the only one in Indian market that is made of human hair and blends seamlessly with your natural hair.

How to care for this messy bun hair scrunchie?

#1 The need to wash- 

Unlike our human hair extensions that need to be washed after 2-3 wears, these human hair messy bun scrunchie sits on top of your natural hair. It's not like it will come in contact with your scalp or natural hair oils. So it need not be washed that often. 

But ensure to brush the messy bun hair piece first and use a gentle alcohol and sulfate-free hair product before air-drying. 

#2 Lifespan of a messy bun scrunchie-

Upon good maintenance, it can last for a very long time as they are made from real hair. 

#3 Can I cut it as I like?

That’s not needed as the hair strands are of various lengths to make the messy bun scrunchie look as natural as possible. But if you still have any doubts regarding this, you can surely reach out to us!

#4 Can I freely dye it?

Since they are obtained from 100% human hair, you can colour it as you like. 

#5 Can I heat style them?

Of course you can! Just as you heat style your hair extensions and natural hair, you can heat these human hair messy bun scrunchie. But make sure to do it before you tie it to your hair. 


This is your easy guide and all things to know about our popular and most favorite real hair messy bun scrunchie. We are proud to have made the lives of so many ladies out there easy by giving them an effortless hair extensions option ;)

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