Colouring hair vs clip-in hair extensions- Part 1

Colouring hair vs clip-in hair extensions- Part 1

We all love the idea of colouring our virgin hair. Choosing the colour, the shades, the whole salon plan- too exciting! I have been there too but only got to cut my hair and nothing more. Yeah, disappointing! 

But.. I know for a fact that coloured hair extensions are the best deal. You could opt from so many colours that we offer or even more without damaging your virgin hair. 

 Without further ado, I’m gonna change your mind right now as to why you should go for clip-in hair extensions and have second thoughts to getting your real hair coloured.

Colouring hair vs clip-in hair extensions-

1. Length 

Hair growth-

We get a haircut and after a few weeks or months, we wait for our hair to grow past a certain point, don't we? I understand the frustration that builds up for not getting to see our hair grow. You can do everything you can but sometimes it goes all in vain. Yes, sometimes hair masks and other natural ingredients make your wishes come true but what are the chances?

What does hair growth have to do anything with colouring hair? 

Many things! But let’s first consider the case of cutting/trimming your hair when split ends start to build up. When you colour your hair, it might make you dig a hole in your pocket everytime you make those trips to the salon for their endless treatment. The color might or might not stay for a long period of time, but just know that you have too much to care for!

So you suggest coloured hair extensions?

Of course we do! They are the easiest way to not only add colour but to add volume and length. Made from 100% human hair, 1HS coloured hair extensions for short and long hair are like hitting a jackpot! An ideal investment, you’ll have a variety of lengths to choose from. Infact you’ll have our assistance throughout ;)

2. Colour

We girls are all about experimenting and we love doing it! With fashion, food and hairstyles of course. We girls choose many colours, follow our bloggers and save their guides on instagram of the recent hair colour they got wishing we would get the same, but how many times out of 10 have you gotten what you wanted?

Salon will make my hair look naturally coloured, can you argue this?

Yes love, we know that salon definitely can! Have you seen the tedious and long process you have to undergo to get your hair coloured? Honestly, I would rather stick to the coloured hair extensions for thin hair than sit at a salon chair while they make me impatient as to which colour is taking place.

But we can’t colour our hair extensions right?

I’m sorry, but did I hear that right? Girl, says who? Who passed that wrong information to you that you cannot colour the human hair extensions for thin hair? Honestly these extensions are human hair for a reason. Let me give you pointers one by one. 

  • Our coloured hair extensions for short and long hair come in a variety, meaning you can choose or buy whichever colour you want without damaging your hair
  • Budget-friendly. Colouring means spending again and again for various different treatments. Our coloured hair extensions won’t burn a hole in your pocket
  • If you’re only looking to colour a few strands then go for for clip-in streaks which are pocket-friendly and are a perfect coloured hair extensions for thin hair

3. Volume-

On the contrary, the lightening agents used to colour your hair apparently swells the cuticle making it look thicker and fuller. I agree with this but..for how long? After all, all good things come to an end, don’t they?

If the cuticle swells then I'm sure my hair will look voluminous post colouring, right?

We agree to this but it won’t be too long until you realize that your hair looks frizzy, needs extra care & love from the salon and are starting to look thinner than they used to. So here my girl is where you’ll realize that you shouldn't have gotten hair coloured. 

How will I benefit from getting coloured hair extensions?

Our clip-in hair extensions firstly come in a variety and secondly they all differ in lengths and weights. So accordingly we would recommend you the coloured hair extensions for short and long hair. When you clip-in these hair extensions, you’ll realize how they blend seamlessly with your natural hair. The maintenance of these clip-in hair extensions isn’t too fancy. Everything you will need is right in your house. 


Let me tell you, we offer to assist you via an online video call. So if you want to reach out to us, here’s where you can find us xx