4 must-have hair products for healthy hair extensions

4 must-have hair products for healthy hair extensions

You ordered hair extensions online, they got delivered, you wore them more than five times and are now worried about maintaining healthy hair extensions. You know it’s completely alright to sometimes feel clueless as to what you should be doing next but what’s not right is to linger in oblivion. 

Human hair extensions undoubtedly require our 100% attention and care just like our own natural hair. Our clip-in hair extensions are going to be your favourite, your best friend and an asset that you’re going to rely on but...upon good maintenance. Sometimes this will also mean spending a bit of extra cash. 

Eitherways, here’s what we have for you girls to ensure that you have these 4 must-have products to keep your human hair extensions healthy and hail :D. From drugstores to salon-quality hair products, we've gathered the best products every girl should have for their hair extensions.

Why choose the best products for your hair extensions?

See our natural hair receive enough nourishment whereas the clip-in hair extensions do not receive continuous nutrition and oil deposits. Although hair extensions are 100% human hair, products for healthy hair extensions should be chosen carefully to avoid getting them in contact with any harsh ingredients that may eventually dry out the hair. 

How do I choose the right products?

Either for your real hair or your human hair extensions, always ensure to buy products that are coconut oil, Argan oil or castor oil. Especially those oils that are perfect for infusing moisture back into your human hair extensions.

Always be aware of the good and bad alcohol. The bad ones end up drying and deteriorating your hair extensions like sodium lauryl sulfate, ethanol and propanol. Good alcohol on the other hand are long-chain fatty alcohols derived from coconut oil or palm oil. They give moisture to your hair, detangle them and act as an emulsifier. They are found in conditioners. 

1. L'oreal Ever Pure Moisture Shampoo for healthy hair extensions

If you’re on a budget then I’d recommend you to go for this one but it also depends on how often you wash your hair extensions. You should also know that you need not wash your human hair extensions daily. They should be washed every 25-30 wears. 

2. TRESemme luxurious moisture conditioner for hair extensions

If you’re looking for a hydrating and quality conditioner but don’t want to splurge a hefty price then this conditioner by TRESemme is your best pick! 

This conditioner has a good dose of Vitamin E and is gentle on your hair. It won’t compromise on intense hydration that your hair extensions would require and will end up giving you a salon-worthy shine. 

3. Hair fiber powder for your clip-in hair extensions

We all want our hair to look as perfect as our favourite celebs and you can get that look, really, with our hair fiber powder. 1 Hair Stop’s hair product- hair fibre powder comes in three different shades- black, dark brown and medium brown. 

They will conceal thinning hair if you have any, cover up grey roots, hairlines and bald spots. Best part is they are water resistant. A total game changer for healthy hair extensions!

4. Hair masks for healthy hair extensions

Although I don't highly recommend this step, it's a step further after shampooing and conditioning your clip-in hair extensions to extend their lifespan and to keep them as hydrated as possible. 

Just apply the hair mask to damp hair after you have shampooed and conditioned it, let it soak into the hair for 20 mins before you wash it. Read our blog on hair masks and try them on your hair extensions.


Our hair extensions deserve the right care and attention to prolong their lifespan. 1HairStop hair products are one budget-friendly and easy to use on your human hair extensions

Protect your investment in clip-in hair extensions by choosing the best hair products that will ensure they stay shiny, smooth and lustrous for longer! xx