4 Tips To Become A Pro Clip-In Extensions User - Part 1

4 Tips To Become A Pro Clip-In Extensions User - Part 1

Did you get your first pair of clip-in extensions yesterday or have you been using clip-in extensions since forever? Well, whichever category you belong to, here is a blog you must not miss. 

We have all experienced that awkward situation when you feel like your clip-in hair extension weft is sliding down from your crown. Even worse is when your clips are visible for the world to see. Hey you, have you gone back in time and are reimagining all those bad episodes? 


Don’t worry, all those nightmares end now! No matter how great your clip-in hair extensions are in terms of quality and quantity, you have to have a few tricks up your sleeve to make sure that you make the best use of your clip-in hair extensions

Just like you wouldn’t want to leave behind the last drop of your favourite skin product, you have to pay extra attention to your clip-in hair extensions. Okay then, what are we waiting for? Let’s end all your clip-in hair extensions struggle and introduce you to 4 tips & tricks that will make your life easy. 

Style Them On The Hanger

Whether you want to straighten your clip-in hair extensions or create waves in them, the best way to do it is by putting them on a hair extensions hanger. 

All you need to do is hang them up, add some product and create the styling look you want to. If you are wondering, “What will happen if I style my clip-in hair extensions after I wear them on?” we are going to tell you that too.

While styling the clip-in hair extensions, you will tend to pull them along with the flat iron. This is capable of ruining your good hair day in two ways. One by loosening the clips of your hair extensions and two by pulling out your natural hair.

Trust us, you don’t want to be in that position. So, go ahead and style your clip-in hair extensions after you put them on a hanger. 

Comb It Up For A Tighter Grip

Are you wondering what on earth we mean by it? Hold on, hold on, we are going to tell you. If you are someone who has smooth and silky hair, it is a task and half to get a tight grip on your hair. 

You might be wasting precious minutes trying to find the perfect grip clip-in hair extensions on your hair, but come out disappointed. We have a trick that will help you get the most perfect grip of your life, without keeping your date waiting. 

All you need to do is take a hairbrush and backcomb the hair on your crown (when you are going to clip-in your hair extensions). That’s it, the next step is to take the clip-in hair extensions and put them in. 

They will have a strong grip and stay loyal to you until you take them off yourself. We can imagine the relief you must be feeling right now. So go on, try out this hack and witness your life change! 

Store Them Well To Save Them

Had a long day at work or partied all night with your girlies? The most typical thing that our sister do is to take off those clip-in hair extensions and bury it beneath the pile of clothes in the bedroom. Just kidding! We agree we exaggerated a bit there. But, they just leave in on their dressing table. 

But, you do not want to do that to your clip-in hair extensions. They end up losing their texture and looking very bleh too soon. To make sure that they are in the perfect condition for you, always and we mean always store them in a hair extensions carrier.

This will make the condition of your extensions and also increase their lifespan. So, you can get your hair extensions carrier right away. You can check out our carrier, right here. 

Space Crunch? Stack Them!

Are you someone who always finds it difficult to clip-in all your hair extension wefts, because of the lack of space on your crown? 

Don’t worry, that problem ends right now and right here. We want you to be able to use all your clip-in extension weft and create the look you have been aiming for without any roadblocks. To make sure that happens, all you need to do is stack one clip-in hair extensions weft over the other.

This will be the voluminous look you always wanted. Try it now, you will be surprised to see what such a small trick can do to your clip-in hair extensions look.  

So there you go ladies. We will take a pause right now and give you the time to try out these four tips & tricks. We will come back with a part two for this blog. Keep watching this space for more awesome clip-in hair extension tips & tricks. 

Stay safe & stylish. XOXO