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3 Must-Try Monsoon Hairstyles

The season of enjoying a hot cuppa to great views, the smell of petrichor, and of course those beautiful long drives when water splatters all around you is finally here. Also the season of water puddles everywhere, humidity in the air and frizzy hair all day, every day is here. Yes, we are talking about monsoon. 

We are almost certain that the world is divided when it comes to their opinion on monsoons (Just kidding!) Some absolutely love it and some despise it, but one thing every sister agrees on is the kind of trouble monsoon causes to your hair.  

The Monsoon Effect

Let’s dig into a bit of chemistry right now. Humid air causes hydrogen bonds to form between the protein and water molecules of your hair. Sound like Greek? Basically what humidity does is that it makes straight hair wavy and wavy hair curly. All of this and an added touch of frizz is the gift from humidity to your hair.

When the monsoon comes, you don’t need the Indian Meteorological Department to spell it out to you, because your hair can tell it to you with the frizz it creates in your hair. 

Don’t worry, our intention is not to scare you. A diva like you should be prepared to face the monsoon in style. Here are a few hairstyles you can have up your arsenal to rock it this monsoon. 

A Ballerina Bun

This classic 70s look never goes out of style and saves the day for you on a rainy day. 

How To Achieve The Look?

  • Dampen your hair a little and comb it out to remove any knots
  • Comb your entire on your crown to make it flat, neat and tidy
  • Bring your hair together in a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic. At this point, if you are wondering, but the length or volume of your hair is not enough to nail this look, don’t worry. 1 Hair Stop's clip-in hair extensions and volumizer hair extensions made of 100% human hair extensions can help you solve the problem in under 2 minutes. 

Human hair extensions blend in quick and seamlessly, so don’t bother about your bun looking made up. 

  • Now, manipulate your hair around the ponytail base and secure it with bobby pins. Don’t forget to secure the end of the ponytail into the ponytail base. 

You can use our ponytail extensions, to make this look quick and easy.

There you go, your Ballerina Bun is ready for the monsoon. Since a Ballerina Bun is meant to be very tidy, make sure that you do not have any scattered strands of hair. 

The Milkmaid Braid

The cleaner the hairstyle, the better it is for the monsoon. What can be cleaner than a Victorian-style milkmaid braid? Just imagine, you can braid up and not be bothered about your hair is all over the place while you are at work or just having a chill day. 

How To Achieve The Look?

The prerequisite to achieve this look is to at least have medium length hair for the braids. Don’t start scrolling already if you don’t have the length, because human hair extensions can help you. 

Made with 100% human hair, our 7-set clip in hair extensions and volumizer hair extensions, can transform your hair and get it ready for the perfect Milkmaid Braid. Let’s dive into how to achieve the braids:

  • Clip-in whichever hair extensions you are using, brush out your hair from bottom to top, and divide it into two halves.
  • Start plaiting your hair in the straightforward three-section braid, from the nape. 
  • Do this on both the sides of your hair and secure it with an elastic band
  • Take the braids across your forehead and pin it in the opposite direction. 

And…..your Milkmaid Braid accentuated with human hair extensions is ready! If you want to add a little pop to it, you can add florals in your braid. 

Side Low Ponytail 

On a cloudy day, if you have a million things to do in the morning before you ‘Amazing Race’ your way to work, then this is THE go-to monsoon hairstyle for you. 

Pro Tip:

This hairstyle looks the absolute best when you have length and volume in your hair. You don’t have to wait for your hair to magically grow longer or thicker. Use long hair extensions or volumizer hair extensions made out of human hair extensions and you can turn your hair game around overnight. 

How To Achieve The Look?

  • Clip-in your human hair extensions and comb your hair out from bottom to top.
  • Since this hairstyle is a sleek and clean hairstyle, make sure you comb your hair out with extra care. 
  • Part your hair in the middle or on the side, based on your preference.
  • Put all the hair on one side of your shoulder 
  • Secure it in a ponytail at the nape

Sounds simple right? Try it out and see your monsoon look transform! 

What are you waiting for? Choose a monsoon hairdo now and claim it like it is made for you. XOXO