Wearing a hair wig for the first time? Tips to ace it!

Wearing a hair wig for the first time? Tips to ace it!

Women wearing wigs was a taboo a few years ago, but what folks don’t realize is that hair wigs for women were a common phenomenon since the Romans. 

Even Queens wore wigs back then to experiment with different hairstyles or to enhance their look. It was even a mandate to wear hair wigs for royal events back then. Now, many many years later, hair wigs for women have finally become more common. 

Ladies from all over the country are embracing wearing wigs and they have a lot of questions like:

  • What if my hair wig falls out?
  • How should I choose a good hair wig?
  • How long will my hair-wig last and a whole slew of other questions. 

But don’t worry ladies, we have tips that will help you ace your hair wig look when you are wearing it for the first time.

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Make sure you get the hair wig size right

The first and the most important aspect of wig wearing is getting the size right. One size fits all approach does not really suit this scenario, so pay special attention to the size of the hair wig.
Even inches extra or less will end up making your hair wig look artificial and fake. So, be a taskmaster and get the hair wig size right.
Trust us it will be worth it because nothing is better than a well fitting wig for women.

Human hair wigs are the go to solution

No matter the process, no matter the technology, no synthetic wig can ever look at human hair wigs for women. How can you replicate the luscious, natural texture and flaws (Yes flaws too. As flaws can be beautiful)  of human hair?

So if anyone uses hair jargon and tries to sell you synthetic hair wigs for women, you know that you must not fall for it. Honey, you deserve a human hair wig that’s 100% natural and of the best quality.

Tips for first time wig wearers
  • Make sure you invest in a good quality hair wig cap that fits your head perfectly. Remember your hair wig rests on this cap and the cap is constantly in touch with your scalp, so quality is of essence. A good quality wig cap also ensures that your hair wig sits well on your head. Whether you want to dance or perform a headstand, having a good wig cap can help you do it with ease! 
  • If you have short hair, just comb it backwards and spritz some hair spray so that it holds in place and then put on the hair wig cap. If you have long hair, you may want to comb it neatly, plait it tightly on either side and secure it against the opposite side and then put on the hair wig cap. This ensures that your hair doesn’t show through the hair wig.
  • Make sure that you secure all the clips in place and double check to ensure that the hair wig holds onto your scalp 
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So ladies, those are a few quick tips for women who are wearing a hair wig for the first time. Go on and empower yourself. Until next time! XOXO