Trending Easy E-girl hairstyles

Trending Easy E-girl hairstyles

E-girl hairstyles for long hair and e-girl hairstyles for short hair are everywhere these days! It is after it turned into a huge trend on TikTok and honestly there’s nothing to complain about as these are so much fun to wear and style.

If you have seen these pretty hairstyles, you’d notice that they are nowhere close to the normal daily wear styles that we would opt for. They are inspired by anime, goth and skate subcultures. An alternative style that amalgamates cute and feminine touch with edgy and ironic vibes. 

So if you’re willing to achieve e-girl hairstyles with bangs aesthetics, one of the most important elements that you need to keep in mind is- bright colours, bleach, 90s inspired pigtails and bangs ;)

Here are some of the best and trending e-girl hairstyles for long hair and for you to draw your inspiration from :D

1. Get chunky blond highlights

Very popular, most favourite these days and definitely going to make you look younger ;). If you’re a first-timer then go for blonde streaks, just clip them on each side of the front parting hairline and you're ready to rock your e-girl hairstyles with short hair look :D

2. Pink highlights 

These are popular among e-girl hairstyles with short hair. They are quirky, cute and very feminine too. Depending on your skin tone, see which colour suits you the most. You can opt for vibrant hues like hot pink to subtle rose shade. If you have a darker skin tone, bleach some sections first before you highlight with pink dye

Leave a few section of your natural hair and dye the rest with whatever shade of pink you have chosen, tie it into a messy bun, use bangs to make it look more like an e-girl hairstyle with bangs and viola, there you have your easy e-girl hairstyle with long hair :D

3. Two tone pastel

We all love experimenting with colours, hairstyles and anything that would add a fun element to the whole experience. If you’re trying for an e-girl hairstyle with short hair and you want to go extra and vibrant but subtly then why not add two colours? 

Making a statement is key to this cool colour trend so if one shade isn’t enough, try adding two ;) You can leave the front section of your hair with streaks or highlights as it is and pull your hair into a low bun or high ponytail giving the colours all the attention they deserve! A pretty hairstyle indeed!


4. Pearl speckled hair

I know you haven't probably heard of this pretty hairstyle but it has been making rounds for quite some time now. Believe me, it's been ruling the beauty world since 2019. We all know that accessories are the best to amp up our hair game. 

It's a bit tricky but very stylish. Just strategically place tiny pearls in the middle of your hair parting. Or if that's taking too much time, you can add a pearl embellished hair accessory on your hair parting and secure it with almost invisible hair pins. A classy e-girl hairstyle for long hair!

5. Butterfly clips

If you’re not willing to add colours to your hair as a pretty hairstyle, then why not not amp it up with cute clips? 

Honestly, not all of us are always ready to dye or bleach our hair for obvious reasons and that is- the fear of damaging them. So if your long hairstyle isn’t ready to commit to e-girl hairstyles with long hair, you can give your hair a TikTok feel with some cute butterfly clips :D

6. Pigtails and bangs

An e-girl curly hairstyle isn’t complete without a pigtail with bangs that has bold and vibrant colours. Period. 

Pigtails go back to the 90s when they were so famous and almost every girl would rock it. From school going girls to college going girls, they all had their own touch to this pretty hairstyle

Go on, add a curly hairstyle to your hair, add curly bangs and a few colourful and bold streaks to make it a signature moody e-girl aesthetic hairstyle!

Always remember that to achieve an e-girl hairstyle, the front part of your hair involves colouring them with vibrant or pastel shades. 

Here’s a piece of advice for you girls, why colour your hair when we offer a variety of colours in clip-in streaks? Go on, buy them and tag us wearing an aesthetic e-girl hairstyle! xx