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How to Revive Hair Extensions: Simple Tricks to Bring Them Back to Life

Hair extensions are amazing when it comes to styling and getting that red carpet worthy volume and shine. But have you ever looked at your extensions and thought they look dull, lifeless and faded. If yes, then you are not alone.

With regular use, hair extensions are exposed to styling, environmental factors and all of this causes some wear and tear making your extensions look dull and lifeless. You can give your beautiful hair extensions a refresh all by yourself, from the comfort of your home. Let's see how.

Say goodbye to lackluster locks and hello to renewed hair that will make you feel like a queen. Let's get started!

Why Do Hair Extensions Lose Their Luster?

Are your hair extensions losing their sparkle? But why?

The answer lies in the buildup of oils, styling products, and dirt that accumulate over time. Just like our natural hair, hair extensions can become bogged down by these substances, leading to a lackluster appearance that's far from glamorous.  Adding to this, heat styling also causes a lot of damage to your extensions.

So if you want your hair extensions to remain healthy and vibrant, make sure to take good care of them. Keep them clean and free of buildup, and limit your use of heat styling tools. With a little bit of TLC, you can keep your extensions looking fabulous for longer!

The next important thing to keep in mind is the quality of your hair extensions. Good quality hair extensions have a better make and last longer. They do not easily dull out or fade. So, if you use hair extensions regularly it is a good idea to invest in some high quality extensions as this will save you money, time and effort in the long run.

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Now without further ado, let’s look at the tips in detail.

Tips to Revive Your Hair Extensions

Reviving your hair extensions is not a difficult task. With some simple tips and mindful maintenance you can give them a refresh. Here are some every day tips.

Tip #1: Clean Your Hair Extensions

Before we get to anything else, the first thing to check and ensure is the cleanliness of your hair extensions. Check if they're clean, if you notice any oil or buildup you need to wash them first.

To clean your extensions, start by gently brushing them to remove any tangles. Then, fill a sink or basin with cold water and add a small amount of mild shampoo specifically formulated for hair extensions. Place your extensions in the water and gently swish them around for a few minutes. Wash your. hair extensions with gentle hands, do not pull or tug on the hair too much as it might cause damage.

Tip #2: Deep Condition Your Hair Extensions

After cleaning your hair extensions, the next step is to deep condition them. 

It is crucial to use a deep conditioning product each time you wash your hair  extensions. A conditioner will restore the moisture and lock it in your hair, this will reduce the frizz and damage.

To condition your hair extensions, after washing squeeze off the extra water and then take a little amount of conditioner in your palms and apply it evenly to the length of the extensions. Let it stay for sometime around 5-6 minutes and then rinse with cold water thoroughly. Rinse really well so that no product is left in.

Tip #3: Avoid Frequent Heat Styling

We all love the convenience and glamour that comes with heat styling our hair extensions. But the downside is that excessive use of styling tools can cause loss of moisture and it may even burn your hair extensions making them look faded, dull and damaged.

You can't completely avoid the use of heating tools but you can certainly limit it. Try going for heatless styles like buns, braids, etc. These hairstyles require no tools and also keep your hair protected and safe.

Another great tip is to use a lower heat setting on your styling tools. High heat can penetrate your extensions' cuticles and strip them of their natural moisture, leading to dry, brittle hair. Using a lower temperature setting will reduce the chances of this happening and help your extensions retain their natural moisture.

Tip #4: Store Your Hair Extensions Properly

When it comes to taking care of your hair extensions, proper storage is just as important as regular maintenance. Storing your extensions correctly can make all the difference in keeping them in excellent condition, ensuring they remain healthy and lustrous.

To keep them safe and protected, keep your hair extensions in a satin bag, away from moisture and direct sunlight. Avoid storing your extensions in a humid or damp area, as this can lead to mold or mildew growth, making them unwearable.

Next, consider investing in a good quality hair carrier or hair extension storage case to keep them organized and tangle-free. You can find these storage options in stores or online, and they come in various sizes to fit your extensions' length and texture. By hanging your extensions, you can prevent them from getting tangled or matted, which can be challenging to undo.

Our 1 Hair Stop hair carrier is specially curated to keep your extensions safe so that they last longer. 

Before storing your extensions, it's essential to brush them thoroughly to remove any tangles or knots. Start from the bottom and work your way up, using a gentle detangling brush or wide-tooth comb. Be patient and take your time to avoid pulling or tearing your extensions, which can damage them.

Proper storage is essential for maintaining your hair extensions' health and prolonging their lifespan. By following these storage tips, you can keep your extensions looking as good as new, wear after wear!

Tip #5: Use a Detangling Spray

Whether it is your natural hair or your hair extensions, stepping outdoors will cause this one problem - tangling. It's lovely when the wind plays with your hair but it also causes tangles and knots. To solve this, use a detangling spray.

Detangling spray is specially formulated to help untangle knots and snarls, making your extensions more manageable and easier to style. Simply spray the detangling spray onto your extensions and gently comb through them with a wide-tooth comb.

Most of the detangling sprays are extremely lightweight and non-greasy, and hence they do not make your hair oily or do not weigh them down either. 

Additionally, choose a detangling spray that is free from sulfates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals that can strip your extensions of their natural oils and cause further damage. If your hair extensions are prone to tangling and knotting, then using a detangling spray can be a game-changer. It's an easy and effective way to keep your extensions looking and feeling their best, so give it a try and see if it works for you.

Tip #6: Trim the Ends

Over time, hair extensions can start to look frayed and split at the ends. This can happen due to regular wear and tear, heat styling, and other factors because hair extensions are just like your natural hair. Fortunately, there is a simple and effective solution - trimming!

Trimming the ends of your hair extensions can help to remove split ends and damaged hair, leaving your extensions looking healthier and more vibrant. By getting rid of the damaged ends, you can restore your extensions' health and prevent further damage from occurring.

To trim your extensions, you will need a pair of sharp scissors and a steady hand. Start by brushing your extensions to remove any tangles and knots. Then, take a small section of hair and gently twist it. This will help to expose any split ends that need to be trimmed. take a pair of scissors and clip off just a little bit of hair from the ends.

When you're done cutting your extensions , give them a good brush to remove any loose hairs, and voila it's all done!

Tip #7: Experiment with Different Hairstyles

Hair extensions are versatile and you should make maximum use of the fact that they can be worn and styled in n number of ways. Sticking to one or two basic hairstyles might get boring and you might start feeling like your extensions are obsolete when in reality that is not the case. You just need to get more creative and have fun.

You can also try accessorizing your hair extensions with clips, bows, or headbands. These can add a fun and playful touch to your look and help to revive tired extensions. Just be sure to choose accessories that are gentle on your extensions and won't cause damage or breakage. Explore a range of extension-friendly hair accessories at 1 Hair Stop.


Hair extensions are versatile and can help you elevate your look with ease but they do need some basic maintenance and care. If you build a proper hair extension care routine, you will not have to invest much time and yet they will look as fabulous as ever. Just keep in mind the tips and tricks, care for your hair extensions and they will look as good as new.


  1. Can I use regular hair products on my hair extensions?
    It is best to use products specifically designed for hair extensions to avoid damaging them. Regular hair products may contain harsh chemicals that can cause tangling, shedding, or discolouration.

  2. How often should I clean my hair extensions?
    Whenever you notice any build up or oil in your extensions, schedule a wash. If you use them everyday for a longer time, wash them after every 6-7 uses.