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20 DIY Hair Scarf Styles to Try with Extensions

Hair styling troubles? Are you bored with your hair extensions? We have a fun and easy solution - scarf! Yes, a scarf can work wonders not just for your outfits but also your hair. A scarf is an easy way to add some style and colour to your hairdo. A hair scarf hair style is a cute option that looks summery and keeps your hair in place. So, let's learn how you can wear a scarf in your hair. Here are some  easy DIY head scarf styles that you can easily achieve.

20 Easy-to-Make Scarf Styles

Here are twenty incredible hairstyles that you can create using hair scarfs:

Boho Braid

A fun and flirty hairstyle, the Boho Braid is perfect for the summer season. Start by putting your hair together into a loose, messy braid. Then, take a scarf and wrap it around the base of the braid, making a knot at the back. This will add a bohemian vibe to your hair and overall look.

Twisted Top Knot

This one is the easiest! Take your hair up into a high ponytail then, get a scarf and fold it into a long, narrow strip. Twist the strip around the ponytail, tucking the ends in and securing them with small bobby pins. Twist the ponytail into a bun and secure it with u-pins or a hair tie, whichever is comfortable for you. Voila! It’s done.

Scarf Wrap

This one keeps your hair up but still looks cute max! Gather your hair in a low ponytail at the base of your neck aka make a low ponytail. Then, take a scarf and fold it into a long and narrow band. Now place it like a hairband over your head, a little behind your hairline. Adjust the position and then pull back the loose ends and tie them under your ponytail. If the ends of the scarf are long, you can tuck them in or leave them out, both look equally cute and classic.

Headband Braid

The Headband Braid is a cute and playful way to style your hair extensions with a scarf. Here are the steps: Once your extensions are set, take your scarf and tie it around your head like a headband. Now divide your hair into 3 sections and take the two ends of the scarf along with 2 hair sections. Basically, you have to create a braid with the scarf in between. It’s simple to do and looks absolutely cute! Gives the perfect Summer vibes.

Side Braid

The Side Braid is a timeless option that is easy and looks sophisticated too. Clip-in your extensions (we recommend you use some highlighted ones for extra style) then pull your hair to one side and braid them loosely - a messy braid. Now take a small printed scarf and tie it like a bow at the bottom of the braid. And you’re done!

Scarf Bun

Summers and buns? Best friends! It’s true, who doesn’t love a simple bun in the scorching heat? Hair extensions give it the extra fluff and makes your bun look more voluminous. After clipping in your extensions, take your hair and pull them into a low ponytail. Now over your hair band, add a scarf. Then twist the ponytail and roll it up into a bun. Tuck the loose strands and the ends of the scarf with small clips. Cute and fuss-free!


Turban Twist

The Turban Twist is a stylish and bold twist to the Scarf Wrap. Style your hair as mentioned above to make the scarf warp. Now, once you have the ponytail and scarf in place, take the loose ends of the scarf and then twist them around the knot. Then slowly slide the scarf around your head to bring the knot at the top, on your crown. Make adjustments to the knot to ensure it looks neat. This gives a turban effect and makes a bold statement.

Braided Scarf

Your regular braid, but make it fun - you get the braided scarf. Start by clipping in your extensions, then put your hair in a low ponytail. Now take a playful scarf and tie it at the base of the ponytail. Take the two ends and separately and section your hair into 3. For each part, create a braid and then braid the 3 braids together. This will give your regular braid an elevated feel.


Scarf Bow

The Scarf Bow is a fun and playful way to style your hair extensions with a scarf. To get this look, begin by sectioning your hair into two horizontally. Take the top part from the crown and tie it into a ponytail leaving the bottom half loose. Then, take your favourite scarf and fold it into a bow shape, with the ends hanging down. Tie the bow around the base of the half-up section with the help of bobby pins. This will give your hair a cute and whimsical look, perfect for a summer picnic or day out with friends.

Scarf Ponytail

The Scarf Ponytail is a simple and elegant way to style your hair extensions with a scarf. It is as simple as it sounds. Step 1, clip in your extensions. Step 2, create a high ponytail. Last step, take a floral/summery scarf and tie it like a bow at the base of the ponytail. Simple and quick way to add some fun toy our regular ponytail.

Scarf High Bun

Your regular high bun with a twist. To achieve this look, create a high bun as usual. Then take your favourite scarf and wrap it around the base of the bun. Take the loose ends and create a small bow to secure the scarf in place.

Scarf Braid Crown or Milkmaid Braid

This one is a little typical but still easy to make. Middle part your hair and section them into two. Secure one side with a hair tie because we will be working with the other side first. Now take a scarf that is longer than your hair and place it close to the nape of your neck. Once it is placed correctly, secure one end with the hair tie and start working with the other end. On one side create 2 sections for a braid and use the scarf as the third section. Then create a braid away from your face. Secure it with a hair elastic. Repeat the same on the other side. Now pull both the braids up and tie the scarf at the top of your head. Fix any loose hair with small bobby pins and you’re done!

Scarf Chignon

Like keeping it elegant? Create a low chignon and wrap your favourite scarf around it in a knot or bow. You can also colour coordinate the scarf with your outfit. It's a simple yet elegant hairdo that is perfect for a sophisticated night out.

Scarf Headband

Heading to the beach? Or on a vacation? Keep your hair managable with this effortless hairdo. Take a scarf and tie it around your head like a hairband, tucking the ends under your hair for a boho-inspired look. This style is perfect for adding a touch of colour to your outfit or keeping your hair out of your face on a windy day.

Scarf French Twist

Tie a scarf around the base of a French twist for a classic and sophisticated style. It creates a perfect sophisticated look for a formal event.

Scarf Updo

Now you know a lot of scarf wrapping styles already. So, you can go ahead and elevate any regular updo by adding a scarf to it. Wrap it around or create a bow to spice things up.


Scarf Fishtail Braid

Create a fishtail braid with your hair and add a scarf by weaving it through the braid. This style is great for giving your hair texture and a unique look. It works well for both casual and formal occasions.

Scarf Braided Updo

Create a braided updo and incorporate a scarf by braiding it into the style. Ensure that you maintain neatness - tuck any flyaway hair with the help of bobby pins or u-pins. 

Scarf Top Knot

Tie a scarf around the base of a top knot to give it a playful twist. It's completely effortless and instantly adds charm to your otherwise regular hairdo.


Scarf Waterfall Braid

Create a waterfall braid and weave a scarf through the braid for a unique and stunning style. This style is perfect for adding texture and interest to your hair, and is great for both casual and formal occasions.


If we had to, we could go on with these scarf hairstyles forever. But this is all for today. These fun and flirty 20 options are beginner-friendly and should make you comfortable with scarves. Hair extensions add a glamorous flair to your hair but when you add-on a hair accessory like a scarf, it elevates the look further. So don't wait, go on and try these Summer-friendly hair scarf hairstyles today! 


How can I style my hair with a scarf?

We discussed 20 beautiful ways to weave a scarf into your hair. There are numerous other ways too. Once you start playing with scarves, you can get innovative and try some options on your own.

Can I use any type of scarf to style my hair extensions?

We recommend using silk or satin scarfs to style your hair extensions because these fabrics are silky soft and hence gentle on your hair. they will not damage your natural hair or induce any damage.

Can I create these styles on my own, or do I need professional help?

Almost all the styles that we discussed today are DIY. With a little bit of practice you can be a pro at styling your own hair. 

Can these styles be created on all hair types and lengths?

Yes, these styles can be created on almost all hair types and lengths. However, some styles may require longer hair extensions or may not work as well on certain hair textures.

Will these styles damage my hair extensions?

If done correctly and with care, these styles should not damage your hair extensions. However, it is important to be gentle while styling and removing the scarfs to prevent any breakage or damage to the extensions.

Can I wear these styles for all occasions?

The above list has a good mix of styles for all occasions. Experiment and take your pick as per your style preferences.

What shape is best for a head scarf?

The two most common scarf types used in hair styling are square and long scarfs. The long one is good for braided styles while the square wraps nicely on your head. You can also use rectangular scarfs and try created some new styles.

Are hair scarves in style?

Absolutely! Hair scarves have been in trend for quite some time. They are effortlessly chic and give your everyday hair a pop of style with ease. So go ahead and without any doubts, try some fun styles.