4 lifechanging cheats for voluminous hair

4 lifechanging cheats for voluminous hair

We all love having voluminous hair extensions just like our favorite celebrities or fashion influencers. But sadly getting that bouncy volume is something we all struggle with. 

If you’re someone who feels that their hair is volume-challenged then try these 4 cheats for voluminous hair with our hair extensions for women to coax those fine strands to show off luscious volume. 

1. Become a pro teaser!

This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to increase 3 to 4 inches of volume. Do it correctly and you’ll be able to lift even a fine strand of hair but if you do it incorrectly, I'm afraid you’ll end up tangling your hair into a frizzy mess. If you’re unsure whether you’ll be able to do it properly, try our 3 set volumizers which does wonders! This voluminous hair extension is 100% human hair and comes in a set of 3 clip-ins. It creates a thick hair extension look and gives a very natural appearance. 

2. Our volumizer set will give you an instant volume 

1HS’s hair extensions for women are one of the fastest and easiest ways to get volume and make your hair look full, thicker and luscious just as you’ve desired ;). It takes less than a minute, all you have to do is- clip-in one set of our voluminous hair extension and get 70% more volume for ear to ear coverage. It comes in different colours and textures. While others may make it obvious that they are hair extensions, ours allow for a seamless blending with your natural hair.

3. Its okay to change sides 

We all have our favourite parting side that we have formed over time. Do you flip your hair to the right or left side? Because that’s your default parting style when you’re grooming your hair and the hair tends to lie flattest there. Try adding volume by simply flipping your hair to the opposite side when your hair is still damp from the shower. It gives more volume at the crown and mist it lightly with hairspray to hold the look in place.  

If you have very thin hair then clip-in our 3, 2 or 1 set clip-in volumizer for a voluminous hair style extension.

4. Flip your hair upside down

Every old school technique always works! And it gives great results. This old technique of flipping your head upside down is so enduring because it actually shows amazing results. Before you flip your hair, blow dry them and do final smoothing and styling with a round brush. 

5. Leave your hair a little bit chaotic 

Smooth, neatly combed hair looks so luscious, don’t they? Giving a smoothed-out and flat look. But, here’s the trick- if you’re seeking more volume, why don’t you just leave your hair a bit chaotic? Style your hair in light waves, hold them all back loosely with a hair band or using a styling foam. 

 Our thick hair extensions are here to rescue you every time your hair fails to look voluminous. You can style these voluminous hair style extensions into unlimited styles for they blend naturally, are heat resistant and can be coloured. 

Use these hair extensions for women and let them speak for themselves! No more worrying about voluminous hair ladies xx