Coloured Lace Hair Topper - Size 5X5

5x5'' Luxury Lace Hair Topper

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Our 5x5” Hair Toppers are perfect for women who have hair thinning in the front and crown area. This is a budget-friendly topper that gives coverage and adds a good volume overall.

Luxury Lace Topper Series

  • Seamless front line
  • Molded base
  • Backed with a diamond lace layer

Product Specifications

  • The size of this hair topper is 5x5 inches
  • The weight of the topper is around 50-60 grams
  • Free part - The toppers can be parted any way, and even backcombed
  • Optional Adjustable band works best for women who can't clip the front clips  (not included with the topper)
  • The material used for the lace is Swiss lace which is one of the finest lace


  • 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair
  • Lasts 2+ years with good maintenance
  • Frequent wash isn't required
  • Heat Resistant & can be re-coloured, except jet black
  • If worn regularly, the lifespan of the hair toppers is 6-10 months as the hair is hand-knotted onto the lace and will eventually start thinning


  • Clip based - Press sides to open & close
  • For a better blend, use a styling too after application 


  • Naturally wavy - Blends in with slightly wavy, heavy waves or even frizzy hair
  • If you have straight hair, straighten the streaks before use


Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews
Hebziba Shalini (Tirupur, IN)

Gave me a new life... No doubt.. Please go for it.

Anjali Nair (Kochi, IN)
Beautiful topper

Let me just start by saying that the hair quality is soo good! I love the topper, you need to wear it and experiment a few times to make it look natural on you. All in all, a good buy

G.M. (Mumbai, IN)
Happiness Galore

Hello Everyone,
So I have been losing hair of late because of the hard water, water supply I get where I live.
I have an oily scalp and my hair goes flat within a day after hair wash as well, so I wanted to get a Crown topper to just enhance the volume of my hair. I didn’t want any drastic change.
The topper I ordered fit very well in my budget and also look wise.
The only thing I did was, I got it Colored to my existing hair color. You can see how natural it is looking and one cannot even make out that I am wearing a topper.

All in all, very happy with my purchase and with the overall experience.

Thank you very much 1HairStop for what you do, to help people boost their confidence and looks. Thank you for your prompt services as well. Keep up the good work.

Much love and best wishes 🧡🧡

Customer (Bengaluru, IN)
Game changer!

I wore this topper for the first time to my cousin's wedding. Oh my goodness! Everyone said how lovely I looked! Little did they know that the secret ingredient to my loveliness was my topper! No one noticed! Love love love it !❤. It took a little practice to secure the clips and style it to make it look natural and blend it into my own hair. Totally worth it! I was afraid of pics being taken of me because of my thinning crown. But at the wedding I was posing for every photograph. Thank you would fall short to express my gratitude to the creators of the topper. This has changed my life♥️

Alka Yadav (Lucknow, IN)

Had issues with side of partition.... Other thing that it wasn't covering thin area on back side of head... Ok.. Ok.. Although increases confidence and enhances look..





Shade Card



In simple terms, silk toppers have a scalp like parting wherein the hair knots aren’t visible, making it look scalp like. Whereas the lace topper’s knots and lace are visible when you look up close. Now why’s that? The silk toppers are made using 2 layers of net. Each and every strand is knotted on the bottom layer of lace and is then pulled through the top layer which is a fine nylon base that appears like silk. This is a tedious process and takes a lot more time. The lace toppers are made using just one layer of lace where the hair is knotted, hence making them more cost effective.

All our hair toppers are made in-house and right from scratch. The base of the toppers are designed keeping in mind the different areas of hair thinning individuals have and hence they are not like the standard PU based toppers that you see in the market. We make sure that only one hair strand is knotted in each grid of the lace, making it look more fine and natural. All in all, our attention to detail and improving our products every step of the way makes our products unique and special. It’s made by us but designed with your feedback!

The size of the topper depends on your area of hair thinning. The best way to ensure you get the right size is by measuring your area of concern and getting a topper that is an inch or two wider than that so that you can grip the topper to your hair.

The average lifespan of any hair topper is 8-10 months if worn regularly. The reason being, each and every hair is knotted onto the topper which will eventually break as it is just hair at the end of the day. The topper will start to have bald patches overtime and you will know when it's time to get a new one.

Our adjustable band helps lay the topper flat if you don’t have enough hair to grip the toppers. It eases off pressure from your natural roots and secures the topper safely. This is a great fix for someone who doesn’t feel comfortable wearing the front clips of the topper or have weak hair roots.

If your hair topper is gripped on well and doesn’t tug your natural hair, you don’t need to worry! However, if you have weak hair roots and the clips cause pressure on them, we highly recommend going in for our adjustable band. The adjustable band eases pressure from your natural roots and even secures the topper well.

All our toppers are clip based, so all you have to do is press the sides of the clip to open, comb it in your hair, once you get a good grip, press the sides to close. If you’re getting one with the adjustable band, you don’t need to clip the front clips. All you have to do is adjust the band by pulling the gold balls you see on the band and ensure it’s your head size. Once that’s done, just hook the band at the back of your head. Make sure to comb out the sides to cover up the invisible band!

We don’t advise you to swim or wash your hair with them on as this will cause tension to your natural hair roots and pull them, causing breakage. So always remove your topper before you go for a swim, wash your hair or even go to bed.

Yes, you can recolour them to a lighter or a darker shade, except the jet black as they’ve been coloured using a permanent dye. However, you need to be careful with the base of the topper while colouring it as it can stain or get damaged if it’s not coloured properly. Please visit a professional to get them coloured instead of colouring them at home.