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Color – Jet Black

Committing to a new hairstyle, such as bangs, can be a big decision. That's why we've developed Clip-In Bangs, the ultimate solution for trying out front bangs without any commitment. The Clip-In Bangs are perfect bangs extensions, if you’re looking for an instant and easy fix to switch up your look. Our bangs hair extensions come in three shades– Jet Black, Natural Black & Dark Brown with Light & Dense thickness options, allowing you to choose as per your natural hair and experiment with different bangs hairstyles.

Product Specifications
  • Made from 100% Virgin Remy Hair
  • Heat Resistant
  • Can be re-coloured

If the bangs change shape, don’t worry you can easily fix them. Wash and comb your bangs then take a hair straightener, and let it heat up. Use it to straighten and spread the bangs. Do this, till you achieve the desired shape.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 636 reviews
keshvi Kastuar (Delhi, IN)
Hair bangs

Superb and I’m enjoying it

supriya bharathi (Hyderabad, IN)
Clip in bangs

Clip in bangs- feel great and useful for occasional wear

Nancy Gupta (Delhi, IN)
Can try, maybe

So, I ordered the dense bangs, the length is fine. But their are flyaways coming out of the bangs(some hair is small) . Also, the bangs are clipped in a very small pin so you will have to scatter them, if the clip would have been a bit broad it would look more natural. At this price , i found it a bit expensive to what they provided. It also gets out of shape (looks crumpled) so you will have to straighten it nicely . Although it looks good in pictures

Munmun (Kolkata, IN)

OMG it changes my look in a min! I am in love with that!

Krishna Chakma (Delhi, IN)
So satisfying!

Thank you for this amazing product. Very much satisfied with all the products I received. I would like to purchase some more products in future. Thank you so much for this beautiful work.