The Right Clip-In Hair Extension streaks For Your Skin Tone & Personality! - Part 2

The Right Clip-In Hair Extension streaks For Your Skin Tone & Personality! - Part 2

We’re back, we’re back, we’re back! Damn, we wish we had a theme song for season 2, but we don’t. Never mind, you get the point right?

Sisters, sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. Unlike false promises by a sad date that we all have heard at some point in life, we are different. We promised you that we will be back and help you decode the right clip-in hair extension streaks colour for you. So, we are here. 

So, let’s recap a little bit now. In the last blog on clip-in hair extension streaks, we spoke about Burgundy clip-in hair extension streaks, Caramel Brown clip-in hair extension streaks, Ice Blonde clip-in hair extension streaks, Navy Blue clip-in hair extension streaks and Purple clip-in hair extension streaks,

In case you missed it, check it out here right now. Go on and check it out right away, we will wait for you. Now that you are back, let’s get going and decode the personality for out clip-in hair extension streaks.

Sky Blue Clip-In Hair Extension Streaks

Who doesn’t like the colour of the sky, right? Imagine having it in your hair and opening doors to unlimited possibilities just like the endless sky. 

Personality Verdict - The darlings who choose sky blue clip-in hair extension streaks are the ones who are super optimistic in nature. They always bear a smile on their face and are the kind of people who make friendly small talk with strangers. 

Skin Type: Sky blue clip-in extension streaks compliment darker hues better as they accentuate the features of the face. 

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Baby Pink Clip-In Hair Extension Streaks

Baby pink, even though the world cliched the hell out it, it is such a beautiful and pleasant colour. Baby pink clip-in hair extension streaks make your face blush without actually wearing any blush. 

Personality Verdict - The ladies who choose baby pink clip-in hair extension streaks are the ones who have a little bit of childhood in them even now. For the queens who settle for nothing less than what is want also choose this colour. A little bit of childhood with high standards, doesn’t it sound like a great combination? 

Skin Type: Baby pink clip-in hair extension streaks are very versatile and look good great on every hair texture, colour and also on every skin hue. 

Ash Brown Clip-In Hair Extension Streaks

Ash Brown is a colour that screams fun and excitement. It is one of those rare and distinctive colours that’s only chosen by a few special ladies. 

Personality Verdict - The girls who can have a fun night out and then rock a board meeting the very next day are the ones who go for ash brown clip-in hair extension streaks. They are both fierce and fun at the same time. So, if you are the work hard and play hard kind of person, this is the right hair colour for you. 

Skin Type: Ash brown clip-in hair extension streaks look best on olive skin tones as they provide a great contrast. But, the thing about this hair colour is that your personality is all that matters and not your skin type.

So if your personality reflects everything we just said, then just go for it! You can pull it off like a diva. 

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If you are someone who loves earthy colours, precious stones and rare aspects of life, the golden clip-in hair extension streaks are the right ones for you. Gold as a colour is so versatile that will can make any skin type glow.

For all the nature lovers out there, who love fragile things, lavender clip-in hair extension streaks are the right choice. It reflects their love for nature, life and everything that grows and blossoms. Lavender clip-in hair extension streaks look great on olive skin tones and darker hues.

The ladies who are not afraid to speak their mind, put themselves out there and wear their heart on their sleeve, choose red clip-in hair extension streaks. When it comes to emotions, they go all out and when comes to ambition, they don’t let go or take a break until they fulfil them. Sisters like this are rare and precious to find. 

 Well, we can keep going, but we don’t want to overload you with all the information. We have covered almost all the major hairstreak colours. Now the ball is in your court. 

There you go sister, we have decoded the personality type for different clip-in hair extensions streaks. Read, understand and choose wisely to figure out what’s the right colour for you.

Whatever the colour, we know you can wear like a total pro. Go on, take a risk, we are sure it will pay off like you never ever imagined.