5 Diwali Party Looks With Clip-In Extensions

5 Diwali Party Looks With Clip-In Extensions

Diwali 2020 is not going to be like any Diwali we ever had for a long time. No huge gatherings, no big Diwali parties, etc. You get the scene, right sister? But, hey, we don’t mean to disappoint you. In fact, on the contrary, we say you should totally dress up for yourself and your family.

Dress up like it is no body’s business and make your heart and soul happy. Don’t you agree? You must be wondering, ‘I don’t want to go to the beauty parlour and put my family and myself at risk. So, how do I make my Diwali look exciting?’

Did we read your mind? This Diwali, pamper yourself with clip-in extensions and dress up like a queen that you are. 

 If you aren’t aware of what clip-in extensions are, don’t be overwhelmed, we will decode the science of clip-in extensions for you. 

What are clip-in extensions?

At 1HairStop, clip-in extensions are hair extensions made of 100% human hair extensions that can be added to your natural hair using a clip mechanism.

It is almost like putting in a tic-tac clip in your hair, but the only difference is that these clips have hair extensions on the other side of them. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Since they are made of human hair, our clip-in extensions can be washed, styled using heat or even dyed.

Doesn’t it sound super exciting? We have a whole ton of clip-in extensions that you can choose from. Yes, yes, we will name a few clip-in extensions for you. Long extensions, volumizer clip-in extensions, coloured extensions, ponytail extensions, balayage clip-in extensions are a couple of them. 

Now that you have all the ammo you need on clip-in extensions, let’s get to giving you a few awesome sauce hairstyles for Diwali 2020. 

Waterfall Hairstyle

Whether it is a morning puja or an evening cocktail with family, the waterfall hairstyle will make heads turn this Diwali. To achieve this hairstyle, you will need volumizer clip-in extensions, a flat iron, bobby pins and hair spray.

First, comb your hair to remove any tangles. Now add the volumizer clip-in extensions made of 100% human hair extensions. Use the flat iron and straighten your crown hair and start creating long curls from the nape.

Once you are done styling the hair and volumizer clip-in extensions, create a middle partition in your hair.

Now take a section of your front hair on one side of the partition and make a plait until the very end. Now let it fall on the rest of the hair like a waterfall and secure it with bobby pins. Redo the same steps on the other side of the partition.

There you go, your waterfall hairstyle is ready! Pair this hairstyle with big and chunky oxidised silver earrings to make it even more festive.

 A Floral Bun

Adding a touch of florals always takes a hairstyle to the next level. We will tell you how you can do it, in this next hairstyle - a floral bun. 

To achieve this hairstyle you will need long clip-in extensions made of 100% human hair extensions, a flat iron, a string of jasmine and some hair spray. Woohoo, we are really excited about this one. Okay, okay, we will tell you how this floral magic can be created.

Comb your hair to make it nice and smooth, add the long clip-in extensions and use the flat iron and straighten your hair along with the long clip-in extensions. 

Now, pull all of the hair together and put it together in a high ponytail. Manipulate your hair to create a clean bun. Use a tinge of hairspray and set the hairstyle in place.

Here’s the most fun part of it. Take the string of jasmine and wrap it around the bun. And tada, your floral bun is all set for this Diwali season. 

 Bohemian Waves

Whether is it Diwali 2020 or Diwali 2040, one festive look we are sure is here to stay are the Bohemian Waves. The reason why so many ladies around the world double-tap this hairstyle is because of how versatile it is. 

Whether you have a round face or a small and long face, Bohemian Waves look great on every face type. So let’s get into understanding how you can achieve this look for Diwali 2020. 

You will need volumizer hair extensions, hair spray, flat iron and a hairbrush. Once you untangle your hair, you have to clip in the volumizer hair extensions made of 100% human hair extensions.

Then, use the flat iron and create long curls throughout your hair. Once you have achieved the long curls, tease your crown hair a bit to add more volume. And voila there you go! 

Your hep festive look is ready. So sister, this festive season, get yourself some clip-in extensions made of 100% human hair extensions and achieve the look you want to!