Ombré Grey Streaks (Limited Edition)
Ombré Grey Streaks (Limited Edition)
Ombré Grey Streaks (Limited Edition)

Ombré Grey Streaks (Limited Edition)

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Number of Streaks

What better way of adding colour to your hair that involves zero damage? 1 Hair Stop's Clip-in Streaks is the answer you've been looking for ;)

Pack Contains

  • 1 Clip-in Streak


    • 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair
    • Silicone-based Seamless Clip-in 
    • Lasts 2+ years with good maintenance
    • Heat Resistant & can be re-coloured
    • Since this is a fancy colour, it does fade over time & with every wash


    • Clip based - Press sides to open & close
    • For a better blend, use a styling too after application 
    • 2-4 Streaks for front look


    • Naturally wavy - Blends in with slightly wavy, heavy waves or even frizzy hair
    • If you have straight hair, straighten the streaks before use

    Note - Please bear in mind that the photo may slightly different from the actual item in terms of colour due to the lighting during photo shooting or the monitor's display.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Bianca Santana (Bengaluru, IN)
    Almost perfect!

    Quality is great, color is beautiful and love the packaging as well. The only con I find is that the streaks are very thin. Altho’ my eyes could be betraying me, in pictures and videos the streaks look a lot wider than the ones I received. So much that I ordered 2 and totally thought they’d only sent me one ( got 2 streaks , 20”) .
    That being said, I love them but my second purchase will take longer as price/value is a little too high for the effect.
    But I do must say Everything else is perfect. Received my purchase without any issues in Bangalore.

    Sakshi rao Sanghi (Ahmedabad, IN)
    Best buy ever

    I love how easy to use the streak is..the hair is soft even though it's colourd with is great. Plus it's so affordable. Way cheaper than dying my own hai and plus point no Hassel . What you see it what you get . Loved it gonna get more

    Prachi Sahasrabudhe (Bengaluru, IN)
    Great for daily wear.

    I had inquired about gray hair streaks a few months back and was really glad to have them available on the website soon after. Instantly purchased them and really happy with the look it gave me . Thank you 1 hair stop. Looking forward to buy more.

    Tanushree Mundra (Gondia, IN)
    Ombre Grey Streaks

    I really love the quality and the concept behind it. Amazing work. The clips are very easy to attach and doesn't even feel like it's on the hair. I already have grey hair, and badly wanted to have grey streaks! Just underestimated the number of streaks that I would require because of the volume, would love to buy more.
    Amazing work though! More power to you!

    Esther Kath (Guwahati, IN)

    I could not fix it into my hair like it's shown in the video. Please help.





    How To Apply


    Clip-in Streaks add colour to your hair in a snap! If you’re looking to add some colour to your hair without going through the process of bleaching, colouring and therefore damaging your hair, then Clip-in Streaks are gonna be your best friend!

    All our products are clip based, so all you have to do is press the sides of the clip to open, comb it in your hair, once you get a good grip, press the sides to close and then cover up the extensions with your hair to conceal them. 

    This really depends on the kind of look you’re trying to achieve. We recommend using 4 streaks if you’re just looking to add highlights to your front pieces. If you’re looking to add highlights throughout, then 6 - 8 Streaks are recommended!

    Yes, they do. The brown shades don’t change much colour overtime but the fancy shades do fade with time, even when they aren’t used often. Since these shades are semi permanent they react the same way like they would with your hair. You can always recolour the extensions once you see the colour start fading. The best way to ensure that the colour lasts longer is to wash them only when they really need a wash and store them in an air-tight cover. 

    Clip-in Streaks do the opposite of damaging your hair. They are just tic tac clips that you can use to add colour to your hair (which would otherwise damage your hair as you’d have to bleach your own hair to get the desired colours). You can just clip them on and off and change up your hair game! 

    We don’t advise you to swim or wash your hair with them on as this will cause tension to your natural hair roots and pull them, causing breakage. So always remove your extensions before you go for a swim, wash your hair or even go to bed.