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Halo Extensions
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Halo Extensions

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Halo Hair Extensions are the quickest and easiest way to achieving fuller and longer hair.


  • 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair
  • Lasts 2+ years with good maintenance
  • Heat Resistant & can be re-coloured to lighter shades too (except jet black)


An adjustable fish string is placed around the crown area after sectioning the hair. The fish string helps in distributing the weight and hence doesn't feel heavy. The clips attached on the band are optional, in case you're looking for that extra security. In case you're wondering - no, the string will not break as it is a strong wire that's used.

  • Indian Wavy that blends in with slightly wavy, heavy waves or even frizzy hair. If you have straight hair, the halo will have to be straightened.  


  • Easy to Wear
  • Lightweight & Secure
  • Instant increase in Length & Volume
  • Limited Hairstyles - Low ponytails, braids, half-do's can be done using these but nothing fancy due to the band that lays on the scalp.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Megha Mondal (Kolkata, IN)
What a volume!

Loved it. Can be styled any way you want. Easy to wear and carry. I could even dance wearing it.

Buboo (Chennai, IN)
This collection is great !!

They are so natural and blend in so well in my hair, I get lots of compliments; highly recommend these hair extensions.

Buboo (Chennai, IN)
These are great if you need volume and length Instantly

I love how well they Blend in with my natural hair,the first time I wore them everyone was asking me if that was my real hair..i feel extremely beautiful When I wear them..and also the maintenance is so easy..thank you 1HS

Malathi Panchawagh (Pune, IN)
Halo extension ...is it for you?

I purchased halo extension, considering that my hair is long and thin, but I do not have any bald patches... just that the volume of the hair is low. The extension sent to me is of good quality, but the fishing twine needed to be adjusted to my head size. In the first 15 or 20 attempts at wearing the Halo extension, I lost quite a bit of my natural hair but finally got the hang of it!! Now I am able to wear it quite easily and in less than 5 minutes. But one has to spend time getting to know how to exactly place it.... then it's a cinch. A very important aspect that I forgot to do research on prior to my purchase, was that you can only wear couple of hairstyles with this extension. It's difficult to to wear a pony or wear your hair into a bun. What is easy to do is let your hair loose or wear it in a braid. The braid also has to be worn low down at the nape of the neck rather than high up in the head. After using this for a month, I am very happy with the purchase as far as the limited hairstyles are concerned. But if one wants to increase the volume of their hair and try out different hairstyles I think long extensions which can be worn on either side of the parting is preferable.

jina d (New Delhi, IN)
Quality top notch

One star less as it did not quite fit me, my head was either too small for the wire. It's quite tricky to apply on short hair. You have to use cap or tuck it for good. I'll wait till my hair grows to be able to use it. But the quality, OMG, the most softest hair and it looks so real on you. No one can point it not yours.





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How To Apply


If you have thin ends and want to either increase your hair length or volume, the Halo Hair Extensions are the quickest and easiest way to achieving fuller and longer hair. These clubbed with our two set volumizers give great results and is a combo that you can opt for. If you have thick hair, going in for a 7 Set to increase your length would be a better option as they fall in layers and blend in better if you have thick hair. 

The adjustable string of the halo extensions it basically a fishing wire. They are very strong, with a good hold so you don’t need to worry about it breaking. But if you do end up losing or breaking it, you can always purchase the wire from any hardware store.

If you’re worried about the halo extensions just falling off, no they don’t slip off easily. Make sure that you grip the halo extensions well such that it fits snug on your head. For a better hold and secure grip you can always clip the clips that we attach on the halo extensions. 

Halo extensions don’t cause any tension to your hair as they are just placed, with the help of an invisible string. These extensions do not damage your hair in any form so that should be the least of your worries! They are in fact the easiest and quickest way of achieving longer, fuller hair without causing any pressure on your hair roots. 

When it comes to clip in hair extensions, we don’t advice you to swim or wash your hair with them on as this will cause tension to your natural hair roots and pull them, causing breakage. So always remove your extensions before you go for a swim, wash your hair or even go to bed. 

1. Protect your investment - Make sure you get our hair extensions carrier in which you can hang your extensions so they don’t tangle up and are not left open to dry up. 

2. Wash only when required - Since the hair extensions don’t secrete natural oils, they don’t get dirty as often so you can wash them after 15-20 wears 

3. Comb them well - Make sure you detangle the hair before you put them away and always brush them from bottom to top.

4. Deep condition - Conditioning is key to make sure your hair extensions remain healthy and well nourished!