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Wedding Season 2024: Be a Head-Turner With Hair Extensions

It is that time of the year when everyone around you is getting married! Almost every house is lit, wedding venues are shining with lights. 

Brides are in full bridal mode and are shopping like their life depends on it. OMG we can totally visualise it! And it is beautiful. You must be receiving a wedding invite on WhatsApp every other day and raiding your wardrobe to see what you can wear. 

When that’s not enough, you end up going through the vast and celebrated saree collection your mom has gathered over the years. Once you decide on the outfit, you match it jewellery and finalise your makeup.

And that’s it, you are all set. Hey, wait a minute. What about your hair? How are you going to wear it? Is it going to be the same old ‘typical shaadi hairstyle’ that’s possible with your hair? You must be wondering what other option do you have?
Well, you can turn heads at every wedding you attend this season with clip-in extensions made of 100% human hair extensions by 1 Hair Stop.

We have a range of hair extensions - long hair extensions, volumizer hair extensions, balayage hair extensions, clip-in streaks, hair patches, ponytail hair extensions, etc. - that you can choose from to achieve the look you want. 

Here are a few shaadi hairstyle suggestions using clip-in extensions made of 100% human hair extensions. 

The Perfect Rapunzel Braid

You might have already found the perfect fairytale attire, but you can now match it with the magnificent Rapunzel braid by using long hair extensions made of 100% human hair extensions. 

1 Hair Stop’s long hair extensions come in different lengths ranging from 16 inches to 20 inches and in three different hair textures (straight, wavy and curly), so you don’t have to compromise on the type of braid you want to wear. 

All you need to do is clip-in these long hair extensions, comb them in neatly and make a perfect braid. That’s it, you are good to transcend into a fairyland.


The Sleek Ponytail

Who says you have to be conventional when it comes to dressing up for weddings? If you are planning to rock a fusion outfit, then your hairstyle should compliment it too. 

Nothing is more contemporary than a sleek high ponytail. To achieve a picture perfect high ponytail, you can use ponytail extensions made with 100% human hair extensions by 1 Hair Stop. 

All you need to do is comb your hair out nicely and put it in a ponytail. Now take the ponytail hair extensions made of 100% human hair extensions and wrap it around it. As they are made of 100% human hair extensions, they will blend into your hair like butter. 

To add a tinge of desi-ness to it, you can wrap jasmine around it. Trust us sister, you are going to make heads turn.


The Magical Messy Look

Have you watched a Bollywood movie and fell in love with how perfect the actor’s messy bun looks? Well ladies, you can pair your Kanjeevaram saree with an amazing messy bun this wedding season. 

Our messy bun scrunchie made with 100% human hair is just what you need. Comb your natural hair and bring it together like a bun and secure it with the messy bun scrunchie.  


So, go on and get experimental with our hair extensions this wedding season. Until next time! XOXO

Frequently asked Q&A

How to care about curly hair extensions? 

Curly hair extensions require good maintenance to ensure that the curls stay in good shape. A few tips on maintaining curly hair extensions would be - 

- Detangle the hair before washing and wash in one direction 

- Use a surface and paraben free shampoo 

- Deep Condition 

- Use Argan oil serum to moisturise those curls 

Using Curly hair styling products will help deprive and bring back those curls to life!

Why 1 Hair Stop curly hair extensions?

1 Hair Stop has a wide range of curly hair extensions - made from 100% virgin Remy human hair. Which means, you can use use heat on them, style them however you like and also colour them if you ever need to change up your hair game. 1HS provides a wide range of curly hair extensions that include -  

- Curly cover up patches - These are great to cover up thinning areas, frame your face and add a little bit of hair volume 

- Curly Messy bun - increases the size of your hair bun, making them bigger and fuller 

- Curly Clip-in Extensions - used to increase volume and length 

What are best curly hair extensions? 

The best kind of curly hair extensions are made from 100% human hair, that have all cuticles intact and are virgin (which means they can be coloured to any shade).